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Jessica Alba, 24

"My trainer has been with me since I was 17, so she's there whenever I do a movie. She's a good friend of mine. She gives me vitamins and makes me eat right. For this one, because the movie was so physical, I did more stretching exercises and yoga."

Trainer Ramona Braganza tells how she helped sculpt Alba's bod.

BUTT: Since Alba has problematic hip joints. Braganza avoided jumping exercises and opted for either Pilates, walking lunges, light squats or 20 to 30 minutes on an elliptical machine every day. "She's got a beautiful bottom," notes Braganza.

ARMS: Alba toned her biceps with various dumbbell curls using 8- to 10-lb. weights; three sets of at least 20 reps. For triceps, she did dips or weighted presses. She worked arms at least twice a week.

SHOULDERS AND BACK: Alba worked on these at least twice a week, doing military presses with 10-lb. dumbbells; three sets of 15 reps. She also used light dumbbells for lateral raises. "Her shoulders get a nice square shape," says Braganza.

CHEST: Alba alternated dumbbell presses (15 to 20 lbs., three sets of 15 reps) with dumbbell flys (12 to 15 lbs., three sets of 12 reps), done on an incline bench or stability ball.

ABS: For her taut stomach, Alba combined crunches and mat Pilates work daily. "It's gentler but strengthening," says Braganza.

DIET: Alba ate four to five small meals a day. every three hours, usually starting with a shake or oatmeal and fruit. Dinner was salad with chicken or fish.

Tyson Beckford, 34

"I would run to the gym, which was about five miles away, work on the weights for an hour and then run back to the hotel, so I was constantly working out every day. I was doing it nonstop. I did a lot of shrugging exercises with weights because I wanted my shoulders and trapezoid muscles to look nice and scary [for the role of the villain]. Me, I eat fish a lot, too, so [filming] in the Bahamas, I was in heaven."

Scott Caan, 29

"I've kind of been an athlete my whole life, and I always play a lot of sports and surf and skate. I did a lot of swimming and suntanning. And the director told me that I had to trim my chest hair. The studio said I've got way too much chest hair."

Ashley Scott, 28

"My family is very tall, gangly and skinny. But you can be flabby skinny, so it's good to always keep up, to do some sort of exercises. I walk at night with my sister-in-law, which has been amazing. It really does something for you. It kind of clears the mind, makes you feel better. Things start to tighten a little bit."

Paul Walker, 32

"I did a lot of on-the-job training, free diving. When I first got to the set [in the Bahamas], I could maybe hold my breath for a minute and get down to, say, 30, 40 feet. Now, I can hold my breath close to three minutes and dive to well over 100 feet. I just stayed active and lost 20 lbs. over the course of filming. When I arrived I was close to 190 lbs. I also surf. I've been surfing in EI Salvador and Hawaii. My daughter [Meadow, 6] is really excited about surfing, so I went out and bought a tandem longboard for us. A 13-footer."

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