Picks and Pans Review:

updated 10/17/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/17/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

TREND ALERT Monkey in the Mirror As debate continues about whether schools should teach Intelligent Design, three new books explore the eerie, similarities between people and primates. (Score one for Darwin.)

THE APE IN THE CORNER OFFICE by Richard Conniff It's a jungle out there, says former publishing exec Conniff, but watching our simian cousins can help us survive. •FUN FACT: Subordinate vervet monkeys groom alpha females 10 times for every one time they're groomed back. Try it at work.

OUR INNER APE by Frans de Wall Sharing about 98 percent of our DNA with notoriously violence-prone chimps, says zoologist de Waal, doesn't mean we're just bloodthirsty brutes. •FUN FACT: Bonobo chimps make love more than war, using sex as a greeting and to resolve conflict.

MONKEY LUV by Robert M. Sapolsky Neurobiologist Sapolsky, in a collection of essays, examines how animal instincts affect everything from whom we marry (physical symmetry's a turn-on) to where we put down roots. •FUN FACT: Nice guys do finish first, when they're baboons. Females choose males who help groom them (or protect their young) over the most aggressive or high-ranking types.

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