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It's a shock-and-awe year for Jake Gyllenhaal. Playing against type in two surprising roles, he struts his stuff as a buff, nearly bald U.S. marine in Jarhead and rides forbidden territory as a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. Those gushing Gyllenhaalics (as fans call themselves) know that anyway you slice it, this guy is hot.

How did you get so fit?
"For a month I did a crazy circuit: running five miles, swimming for 20 minutes, riding a bike for 35 miles and lifting weights without resting. Then we went to boot camp. On-set we would all work out together and do push-ups between scenes."

Did that make you more confident during your nude scene in Jarhead?
"Nude scene?! I was helped out by two Santa hats [and a G-string], so I'm not totally nude. But I'm definitely baring it!"

Are you keeping up the workouts?
"No. I'm playing a cartoonist now [in the thriller Zodiac, out next year], and they said, 'You have to lose 10 lbs. on each arm.' "

Would you shave your head again?
"Without a doubt—on the rudimentary level of not really having to care about what you do with it. But more than that, when I did it, I felt really badass! I felt strong, present and alive. It takes the sense of vanity away."

"I'm at that age [44] when I'm looking for a very specific sexiest man list, like Sexiest Former Batmen Who Were Also on a Hospital Show"

This season Dr. Jack Shephard, Lost's sexy, stranded surgeon, is leaner and meaner...and hotter than ever. What gives?

Fewer treats: "I'll always be a Tastycake fan. but I haven't had any in a long time.

Long runs: "Cardio is the only way for me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like to be in good shape. I have my own vanity, for sure, but you feel better when you're healthier."

Romance: Fox and wife Margherita, who have two children, "make sure we have dinner together every week, just the two of us. Or sometimes we'll take little getaway trips just so we can connect."

"That I'm confident and funny. I got the jokes and everything like that, and I think that if you're confident, and you're poppin' with Kanye West and you had the No. 1 song in the country [Gold Digger], that makes it a little sexy."


At first sight: "There he was, two feet in front of me, going on like any other person. He is a god!!! It was amazing to just stand and watch him function. I had to soak it all in."

Contact: "I cannot speak when I'm nervous so I wrote on my hand, 'Hug Please.' I waved at him and he read it and he said, 'awww' and hugged me!!! He is soooo sweet!! I hugged him. I was like wow!!!"

A kiss: "I started CRYING. I don't know why but it just came out.... He blew a very sweet and precious kiss at ME and he kept smiling!!!!! It seemed like he was there for eternity. I was in ORLANDO-DREAMLAND crying and smiling at him!!!!"

Afterglow: "That day was a fulfillment of my dreams. I wish every day would be like that, by his side and very happy."


"What's sexy about Owen? Oh, I mean everything as far as I'm concerned. Owen has that little-boy-lost kind of thing about him. During my topless scene with him, he was a little bit too respectful. I actually had to tell him he could open his fingers and move them around. It was pretty funny."
—Jane Seymour, his Wedding Crashers costar

Never mind what we think. Just listen to his wife, Melanie Griffith...

On the couple's recent romantic getaway in Paris: "We had 16 hours together and...yeah, four times—at least."
The View, 10/7/2005

On Banderas as Zorro: "He's always been the superhero of the family."
—PEOPLE, 10/16/2005

On rumors that Banderas is balding: "Antonio has beautiful, thick and natural hair. I should know, I run my fingers through it all the time."

The vanity plate on her black Jaguar: MG(c)AB
—California Department of Motor Vehicles

Jennifer Aniston's new man is a national treasure! Larry King proclaimed recently. Vaughn's friends explain why:

He's seductive: "He's always been so magnetic,"
says Mr. & Mrs. Smith director Doug Liman. "His persona, when he goes into a room, is so much larger than life that he immediately fills the room."

He's got a way with words: "Vince is razor-sharp," says pal and Old School costar Jeremy Piven. "He's like a verbal stunt pilot. He's got a lot of confidence."

He's a great dancer: "He's the life of the party," says pal and Wedding Crashers costar Owen Wilson. "He's a great dancer. You think Patrick Swayze was good in Dirty Dancing? He doesn't hold a candle to Vince."

He keeps it real by...

...popping the question to his non-celeb girlfriend, Luciana Barroso, an Argentinian-born interior designer.

...buying a house in Miami so that Barroso's daughter Alexia, 7, can go to school there.

...causing Clooney to exclaim: Can you believe it? He's settling down. Another one bites the dust."


You broke our hearts last winter/By dumping dear, sweet Jen/
We really had to ask ourselves/Will we ever feel the same again? Then we saw you très Jolie/And romping on a beach/And grudgingly admitted/You're really quite the peach/
We melted even more/When we saw you holding Maddy/After all, what's more attractive/Than a really sexy daddy?/
You've gone from blond to dark/And dress like Jesse James/Our niggling little cavils/Have all gone down in flames/
So you and Angelina,/Share your love for all to see/Live your life the way you want/If you're happy, so are we!

"He's a different sort of person. He truly lives his life with art. You can't separate Viggo from his art. Everything he does is art"
—Maria Bello, who costars with Mortensen in A History of Violence

Surfer-dude hair and scruffy whiskers? Gone. Bachelor pad in Los Feliz, Calif.? Sold. What he called his "blond bimbo roles"? History. At 26, the Aussie actor and erstwhile teen heartthrob is moving on. And, yes, maturity becomes him. Now a new father with partner Michelle Williams, who gave birth to daughter Matilda in October, Ledger has assumed an air of domesticity, recently moving to Brooklyn, where he hopes to avoid the paparazzi—and the need to hurl eggs at them in angry outbursts. As his baggy grunge look morphs into an edgy elegance, he's upping the stakes onscreen—riding roughshod over sexual taboos in the forthcoming Brokeback Mountain. His harrowing portrayal of a bisexual buckaroo—complete with cowboy love scenes with costar Jake Gyllenhaal—is already generating Oscar buzz. What a difference a year makes.

A day in the life of Grey's Anatomy's Dr. McDreamy involves:

1. That fabulous hair. "It's my biggest asset and my biggest flaw. It takes hours to look like it hasn't been studied."

2. That body. "Here I am, I'm almost 40, I'm going to stay in shape. I go to the gym as much as possible."

3. The attention of costar Kate Walsh, who plays his recently revealed wife: "He's got those beautiful eyes and he's super-funny. And very charming."

4. More fun in his scrubs. "Yeah, every now and then I'll wear them home. It's always fun to play doctor."

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