Totally Tattooed

updated 11/28/2005 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/28/2005 AT 01:00 AM EST

Joel Madden

First one: Irish flag at 17
Arms: 40 hours of work—so far
Next up: Angel mural on back

He is: The 26-year-old lead singer of the pop-punk band Good Charlotte.

"...I'm a Christian. My right arm is a scene of Mary praying. An angel is above looking down. It's pretty deep. My left has Jesus with the sacred heart. It's not done yet, that arm...

...The most meaningful is my 'G.C.' [on the back of left arm above the elbow] because I got it with my band when we were 18 and had big dreams together...

...My girlfriend [actress Hilary Duff] has perfect skin—no tattoos. I love looking at her. I'm around tattooed people all day and it gets old...

...I want to keep my neck and hands clean because I want to get into acting. When I put on a collared shirt and tie, you can't even tell I have tattoos. I like being able to be versatile..."

Tommy Lee

First: Mighty Mouse at 17
How many: Unknown
Next up: Lions on chest

He is: The 43-year-old drummer for the rock band Mötley Crüe, divorced from Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson, and the father of two boys.

"...I had a black rose with 'Heather' beneath it [inside left forearm]. I eventually turned that into 'Pamela.' I had that removed. I warn people not to get names. It jinxes the relationship...

...The round Japanese symbol in the dragon's claw [left shoulder] means rhythm, power and control. It's a drummer thing...

...I had my kids Dylan and Brandon write their names with Sharpies on my wrists and then had a tattoo artist copy their exact handwriting. There's nothing cooler than little-kid writing...

...The lips on my neck are from a former fiancée, a beautiful Puerto Rican girl. We went to the tattoo studio, she kissed a piece of paper, and they made the transfer from that....

...Whatever it is, don't get a small tattoo. I call them ink spots. They make so much more of a statement if they're bigger..."

Tyson Beckford

First: Two Chinese symbols in his early 20s
Mom's order: None on his chest or stomach
How many: Lost count at 34

He is: A single 34-year-old supermodel, actor (Into the Blue) and father of a son.

"...As a kid, I always said, 'When I grow up, I'm going to get me a tattoo,' I wanted to be a rebel...

...If I had to take them off, the two I'd leave are my son's name, Jordan, and Patrick, my brother who passed away. If I have more kids, I'm going to need more neck room. I don't want them to get jealous...

...A lot of actors nowadays have tattoos, and directors find ways to shoot around them. And if I get a tan, you can hardly see them. I tan really easily. When I was modeling in exotic locations, people didn't even know I had them...

...My son is 7 and has such pretty skin. I told him that I think I have enough tattoos for both of us. I'm, like, 'Please don't come down this road.' I feel the same way that I think my mom felt: "That's a product of me. Don't deface my product'..."

Travis Barker

First: The word "Bones" at 17
Hiding under hair: Praying mantis
Removing: Ex's name below right ear

He is: The 30-year-old star of the reality show Meet the Barkers, which begins season 2 in January; former drummer for the rock band Blink 182; married to former Miss USA Shanna Moakler and the father of two.

"...The most painful was the rib cage, where I got my Cadillac lettering. The only car I ever wanted growing up was a Cadillac. It was something my family glamorized, like, 'One day when we're rich, we'll have a Cadillac.'...

...My son Landon is going to get tattoos when he's 16. I think it should be a rite of passage...

...When I was 16 I had a choice to work or join a band. I needed to do something so that I didn't have anything to fall back on, so that music was my only way. My mom passed away, I got a memorial for her on my right forearm and then just started filling it up. When I went for a job, they wouldn't hire me. I figured it was a way to pigeonhole myself into music..."

Carey Sart

First: Skull at 17
Total hours: 350
Estimated value: $50,000

He is: A 30-year-old motocross star, fiancé of singer Pink, and owner of the Hart & Huntington tattoo parlor in Las Vegas.

"...My favorite is my girl's real name, Alecia, on my left wrist. We have matching tattoos that say 'Tru Luv' across our wrists. Once we get married, I'm gonna tattoo her name down my ring finger. I'm a sap...

...I hung out in a tattoo shop from when I was 18. Not to cheese it out, but it's like how women have a beauty parlor. For me, it's a tattoo shop to go and gossip and talk...

...Pink didn't get tattooed at my shop, but I let her tattoo me with a skeleton on my butt. One of my tattooists made a stencil for her and she did the line work...

...When I found out my dad had cancer, I got his name [Tom Hart] on the back of my neck. He's in remission now. Once he got healthy, he got a huge chest piece to match that has my name and my brother's name. There's no better way to show love than that..."

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