Hall of Shame

updated 12/26/2005 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/26/2005 AT 01:00 AM EST

Telephone Toss
Miffed when he couldn't place a 4 a.m. call home to Australia, actor Russell Crowe hurled a phone and hit a New York City hotel clerk, cutting the clerk's cheek and earning himself eight hours in custody. He later settled with his victim for an undisclosed sum and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault charges.

Drug Reaction
When a British tabloid ran photos of her allegedly snorting cocaine, it cost Kate Moss her Chanel and H&M endorsements. But a public apology and rehab stint led to new deals and the cover of French Vogue.

Downward Spiral
He won his child molestation case in June, but now—even with a fortune estimated at $600 million—lavish spending and a ruined career reportedly have him some $260 million in debt. Relocating to Bahrain with his three children—as guests of a royal prince—distanced him from his dwindling fan base but not bad press: In November, reports had him in the ladies' room of a Dubai mall—an accident, according to his rep.

Runaway Bride
After sparking a nationwide search, Duluth, Ga., medical worker Jennifer Wilbanks, 32, surfaced in Albuquerque. She told the FBI she'd been kidnapped but soon came clean: She'd run away from her impending wedding. Of the more than $40,000 it cost Duluth to hunt for her, she paid back $13,249.

Black Friday
Lured by the prospect of deep discounts on such hot items as laptops and cashmere sweaters, shoppers across the country swarmed retailers during the predawn hours of the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest—and zooiest—shopping day of the year. Casualties at Wal-Mart alone included a Michigan woman trampled by shoppers when she fell during the stampede and an Orlando man wrestled to the ground when he allegedly cut in line.

A Questionable Costume
There must be some cool royal regalia lying around his family's attics, but Britain's Prince Harry, 20, decided to attend a costume party dressed as a Nazi. Caught by a fellow reveler on a cell phone camera, he issued a statement regretting his "poor choice of costume" and was, reports said, promptly grounded by his father, Prince Charles, who ordered him out of the limelight.

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