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originally published 08/23/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

While I believe that Martha Stewart, despite lying under oath, should never have been given prison time, once the sentence was passed, she would have done her fans, her shareholders, her employees and herself a favor by immediately serving the imposed sentence.
Nelson Marans
Silver Spring, Md.

Martha Stewart brings knowledge, culture and high-quality products at reasonable prices to the marketplace. She and her successful company are the best of the American Dream. Shame on the district attorney and prosecutors who tried and failed to bring her down.
Will Johnson
Boston, Mass.

Just another celebrity off with a slap on the wrist complaining about it while adding that it's a "small personal matter" blown out of proportion. Since when did lying to investigators and obstructing justice become a small personal matter?
Betty Arenson
Santa Clara, Calif.

Martha Stewart didn't do anything that any normal human being wouldn't have done. I want people to tell me that if they got a tip, they wouldn't have sold their stock too. Yeah, right.
Johna Bendele,
Sapulpa, Okla.

Thank you for the story "A Simple Test Could Have Saved Ben's Life." It was informative for first-time parents and families with other toddlers as well. The shock of losing a child is unbearable; then to find out that the cause of death could have been prevented by a simple blood test is unacceptable. Until our national screening standards are raised, parents need to arm themselves with knowledge. Little Ben was taken way too early and unnecessarily. But even in his death, he's helping others. That's what I call an angel.
Tracey Hussey
Portland, Ore.

My family was thrilled to be called crusaders and even more pleased that PEOPLE ran a story on expanded newborn screening. Thank you for giving us and so many other parents a voice. Please further our cause by publishing the following Web sites where your readers can educate themselves, gather information and obtain packets for this simple, life-saving test:, and
Lisa, Gonzalo and Ysabel Jaquez
San Carlos, Calif.

About the follow-up with The Swan makeover contestants: Can you say ungrateful and delusional? I'm still speechless at the attitudes of some of these people, who were given $200,000 worth of plastic surgery while whining and complaining the entire time. I can't believe the statements about why the Swan team didn't give them career training and send them home with better shampoo? Gimme, gimme, gimme. There are always those people in life who the more they get, the more they want. They should have done personality makeovers.
Cynthia Carl
Santa Barbara, Calif.

How sad for Shar Jackson and her new son to have to go through pregnancy and birth without the father present. What is Britney Spears's fiancé, Kevin Federline, going to tell his son later in life? "Sorry I missed your birth, I was living in a false reality"? Congratulations, Britney, you picked a real stand-up guy!
Sydney Burry
Tempe, Ariz.

As a huge fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr., I was relieved to hear that he's recovering. The footage of his crash was horrific and heart-stopping. I know he has an incredible support system in his family, friends, fans and in the racing community. He's a talented driver and a great role model, and his passion for racing is as deep as his roots. And let's not forget, he's hot!
Michelle Leone
Danville, Ill.

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