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originally published 09/06/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

It's sad and tragic for Lori Hacking's family and friends to lose her. But in this day of dishonesty and game playing, I applaud the way both families have approached the case. It shows what wonderful people they are.
Dana Foley
Oklahoma City, Okla.

This situation just infuriates me. When will people start taking responsibility for their actions instead of blaming others? "Poor me, my brothers are more successful than me. I hit my head and had a seizure." Is that supposed to explain away what Mark Hacking allegedly did to his wife, Lori? And now his lawyer wants to bring up the issue of mental illness? Come on, the guy worked as a psychiatric technician!
Michelle Van Parys
Honolulu, Hawaii

Lori was probably very saddened by the news coverage of Laci Peterson's murder, wondering how anyone could do such a terrible thing to a pregnant woman. We can only hope Lori never woke up to see her own murderer and know that she too was going down the same terrible road.
Jennifer Roberson
Flagstaff, Ariz.

Bravo to Brandon Maxfield for his courage and determination to buy and close a gun manufacturer after being paralyzed by a bullet. It's wonderful he'll be destroying guns that could be purchased by parents who keep loaded guns in drawers. What it comes down to is gun owners must take the responsibility to protect those around them.
Holley Cobb
Birmingham, Ala.

While I'm extremely sympathetic to Brandon and his family, we should all be aware that it's not the gun, but rather the user who inflicts injury or death. Putting this manufacturer out of business will not resolve the problem. And revenge over this incident won't bring back the feeling to Brandon's limbs. But the preservation of the right to bear arms will allow the law-abiding citizen protection against intrusion.
Stacy Balibrea
Glendora, Calif.

I feel such sadness for Paris Hilton in your article "Trouble for Paris." She's desperately crying out for help with her lifestyle and now this alleged abuse. Why is she displaying the bruises to the world? I'm afraid this young lady is on the path other high-profile beautiful people traveled before her.
Debi K. Price
McAlester, Okla.

It's the ultimate revenge against her ex-boyfriend Nick Carter. Paris obviously wanted the world to see her battle wounds, as she was practically posing for the cameras. And she knows the less she says about the incident, the more everyone will talk. It's brilliant!
Michele Patterson St. Louis, Mo.

Your feature "Kid Without a Country," about Steve-O, the 15-year-old Iraqi boy who became a hero, traitor and refugee in his own country, only rates as one of the last editorial pages in this issue? This story speaks volumes to the ordeal the people of Iraq are enduring. Hooray to Sgt. Daniel Hendrex and company for going miles beyond the call of duty.
Beth Jacquin
Atlanta, Ga.

Nicolas Cage's new bride, Alice Kim, is "educated" and "interested in a career in law or hotel management"? I'm vacillating between massage therapy and brain surgery myself. How educated can one be at age 20? I'm sure they're soulmates and this marriage is for life, if life is between two and six months!
Sandy Hammond
Bainbridge Island, Wash.

How refreshing to read Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's story about his 105-lb. weight loss through diet and exercise. Wow! Diet and exercise—who would have thought such simple concepts work in this day of weight-loss-in-a-bottle magic bullets.
Leslie J. Hennings
La Verne, Calif.

What's going on here? When the going gets tough, men are allegedly killing their wives? What ever happened to good old-fashioned divorce?
Bonnie Fabian
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Fla.

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