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updated 09/13/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/13/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The Surreal Life

On Sept. 5, VH1 unveils the third installment of The Surreal Life, the former WB reality show that tosses a half-dozen famous faces together into a Hollywood mansion for two weeks. Expect the usual fights and personality conflicts—and a surprising love connection. Here, an introduction to the saucy six.


CLAIM TO FAME: Singer in the '80s boy band New Kids on the Block. COOLEST MOMENT: "Charo trying to teach me some of her coochie-coochie dance moves." WORST MOMENT: "The producers tried to make me go in the ocean. I have a shark phobia. I'm not going in there." WHAT'S NEXT: His new single Try is being released Sept. 7.


CLAIM TO FAME: Member of the '80s rap group Public Enemy. FAVORITE ROOMIE: "Brigitte. I ain't gonna lie: Me and Brigitte fell in love." LEAST FAVORITE ROOMIE: "Ryan Starr. She tried to make me look like a sex maniac. I wouldn't go near the girl with an 80-ft. pole." WHAT'S NEXT: Shopping a solo album called Flavor Tonic.


CLAIM TO FAME: Star of numerous '80s films, including 1985's Rocky IV. FAVORITE ROOMIE: Flavor Flav. "Every morning he would give me a kiss and say, 'Good morning, should I make you breakfast?' " WORST HABIT: Walking around in her thong. "I love being naked. That's the way I am." WHAT'S NEXT: In talks for her own reality show.


CLAIM TO FAME: Finalist on the first season of American Idol. BEST MOMENT: "Performing with a group of kids as my back-up band. It was like School of Rock." CLASHED WITH: "Flavor. In the beginning he was a bit of a pervert with me. It grossed me out. He's old enough to be my father." WHAT'S NEXT: Releasing her single "My Religion."


CLAIM TO FAME: Played Uncle Joey on Full House. FAVORITE ROOMIE: Flavor Flav. "But he snored so loud, it sounded like the Tasmanian Devil." PUZZLED BY: Brigitte. "She walks to the beat of a different drummer. And that drummer is naked." WHAT'S NEXT: osting PAX's America's Most Talented Kids.


CLAIM TO FAME: Singer, dancer and Love Boat fixture. FAVORITE ROOMIE: "The puppy. But I spent time cleaning up his poopoo." CLASHED WITH: Brigitte. "She drinks, she smokes. I don't agree with the [nudity]." WHAT'S NEXT? Releasing her new album Charo on Guitar.

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