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originally published 09/13/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The Secret to Reality Romance
Despite the fantasy dates, swanky mansions and limousines, The Bachelor hasn't sparked any lasting romances. Could a bug-infested life in the wilderness be the key to happiness? It Was for Amber Brkich, who is engaged to her fellow Survivor: All-Stars alum Rob Mariano. "On The Bachelor, there is a lot of pressure to propose. They're rushing it. That's why a lot of them fail," says Brkich, 26. "Spending 39 days together 24/7 [on All-Stars] is like spending a year together. On the dating shows, the dates are luxurious. Rob and I were dating when I hadn't shaved my legs in a month. We hadn't brushed our teeth. Our dates were walking on the beach and sitting on a rock."

Cosmetic Controversy
Although he plays a womanizing plastic surgeon on the drama Nip/Tuck, Julian McMahon, 36, balks at improving his own looks with cosmetics. "I go to work and get makeup put all over my face. There's nothing crazier than that." Certainly his 4-year-old daughter is not impressed. "The other day I told her I was going to take a shower. She said, 'Oh, Daddy, are you going to go take your makeup off?' That's just not cool. I love my makeup-and-hair people to death. But you start to feel like Cruella [De Vil]."

Royal Revelation
Anne Hathaway recently filmed the romantic drama Brokeback Mountain with Jake Gyllenhaal, but she's still trying to master the lessons taught to her by Julie Andrews on their two Princess Diaries films. "I am a klutzy klutzy klutz," says Hathaway, 21. "And just observing Julie, you learn so much about what it means to be a graceful person." Not to mention humble. "I was an ungrateful little actor, so I would show up and be like, 'Oh, I didn't sleep last night. I'm working every single day on this movie. My coffee isn't hot enough...blah!' Julie would come on-set and go, Aren't we lucky to be here?' And I just looked at her and was like, You know what? That's my mantra. Everywhere I go I'm lucky to be there.' "

Crib Notes
Like any new mother, Denise Richards can't stop talking about Sam, her 5-month-old daughter with husband Charlie Sheen. "She's rolling over. She's sucking her thumb, which we think is soooo cute, but I'm sure that one day we'll be like, 'Get that thumb out of your mouth!' " says Richards, 33, who plays a divorced wedding planner in the romantic comedy I Do (But I Don't), premiering Sept. 13 on Lifetime. Not that Sam's dad will let her grow up too quickly. "She's pretty much outgrown the Moses basket," says Richards. "But the other day, Charlie was saying, 'Well, we'll just keep getting bigger and bigger baskets, and we'll leave her in there until she's about 30., He's very sweet with her."

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