updated 10/25/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/25/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Shocker Mom
"In one month's span at the multiplex, I make love to Richard Gere and Jude Law. Poor me!" says Susan Sarandon, 58, who costars with those actors in Shall We Dance? and Alfie, respectively. Of course her sons Jack, 15, and Miles, 12, aren't thrilled with her onscreen conquests. "My boys were embarrassed at my Lincoln Center tribute [last year]," she says. "Every time a racy [clip] like The Hunger would come on, [Jack] shielded his eyes. Afterwards, my little guy [Miles] said, It was great, but scarring.' [Jack] said, 'Mom, didn't it occur to you that you might have kids? Did you not think of that?' I said, 'Honey, I still don't apologize.' "

Frisky Business
Without a Trace's Anthony LaPaglia can report something missing himself: his left hip. "I had it replaced three months ago because of an old injury," says LaPaglia, 45, who stars in the dark comedy Happy Hour. "I played pro soccer for five years and 20 years later the cartilage was eaten away. I just started playing again with no pain or limping." But there is a downside to his bionic part. "The hip is made of titanium alloy, so it sets off airport alarms," says LaPaglia. "It's annoying. I get the full body search now. While they're telling me, 'I love your show,' I'm getting molested."

Getting A Head of Himself
Peter Dinklage (The Station Agent), who's currently starring in Shakespeare's Richard III at New York City's Public Theater, has trouble looking at himself. Specifically, he's disturbed by the prop of his disembodied head that's used during his climactic death scene. "It's disconcerting seeing my head backstage, because it really looks like me—decapitated and covered in blood," says Dinklage, 35. "The eyes are open, the mouth is open—it freaks me out." Unfortunately for the actor, his pals have developed a strange affection for the noggin. Says Dinklage: "After he saw the show, my best friend said, T need that head. I will have that head.' I haven't talked to him the same way since."

Tail Spin
When Michelle Trachtenberg signed on to star in the Disney film Ice Princess, she didn't expect to be baring flesh. But playing the part of a figure skater involved a lot more exposure than she anticipated. "You don't realize how short skating skirts are. I'd look at playback and all I could see was my butt," says Trachtenberg. "I said, 'Wait a minute, this is supposed to be a PG movie!' " The 19-year-old flashed even more at a photo shoot with Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano, who have cameos in the film. "I bent down to show off a skating move, and my pants split completely down the middle," says Trachtenberg. "Everyone could see I was wearing a thong. They yelled, 'Good job, Michelle!' "

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