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When Stars Collide

From a business standpoint, the Best of Both Worlds tour featuring R&B superstar R. Kelly and rap phenomenon Jay-Z was shaping up to be a success. According to Gary Bongiovanni of the trade publication Pollstar, since the planned 40-city tour began on Sept. 29, roughly 89 percent of its venues' seats had been sold, at an average price of $56.47. But by almost any other measure, the high-profile pairing had turned into the worst of both worlds. Kelly and Jay-Z clashed from the start, and the tensions reached a climax during the Oct. 29 concert in New York City, when Kelly abruptly stormed off the stage claiming he had seen audience members with guns. (A security sweep of Madison Square Garden found nothing.) An angry Jay-Z, 34, finished the show but afterward announced the duo would not be finishing the tour, set to run through Nov. 28, citing Kelly's "lack of professionalism and unpredictable behavior." For his part, Kelly, 37, says that when he tried to return to the stage, a member of Jay-Z's entourage attacked him with pepper spray, forcing him to head to a nearby hospital for treatment.

On Nov. 1 Kelly retaliated with a $75 million lawsuit against Jay-Z, claiming breach of contract and sabotage. Kelly's rep says criminal charges against the pepper sprayer will also be filed. "I'd like the show to go on," Kelly said in a statement. "It's disappointing that Jay-Z and the promoter don't." Don't expect the stars to reunite. Says Jay-Z's camp: "Jay will not allow his fans and touring personnel to be subject to an unsafe environment created by his coheadliner."

When R. Kelly abruptly left the New York City concert, Jay-Z enlisted famous friends to help save the show with impromptu performances. To the rescue (left to right): Mary J. Blige, Usher and Foxy Brown, among others. "It makes sense to give the people who bought tickets already a great show," says Blige.

Back to School
Mary-Kate Olsen is hitting the books again. The actress returned to her freshman writing seminar—Life, Stories, Culture—at New York University after two weeks away. (Olsen had been excused from classes for a week to attend business meetings in L.A. but skipped class the following Monday and Wednesday too.) And, says a fellow student, "she looked healthier, and her skin looked better" than at the start of the semester. The studies did not keep her from the nightlife. On Oct. 30 she donned butterfly wings and joined her sister Ashley for a Halloween party at the new Manhattan club Gypsy Tea.

Among the signs that Lindsay Lohan is feeling just fine, thank you, following a brief hospital stay for fever, headaches and exhaustion: She went grocery shopping in Encino (above right), hit the sand in Long Beach and shot a cameo for That '70s Show with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama on Oct. 28, only two days after leaving L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The actress filmed four scenes on a closed set. A source says the work involved an onscreen kiss—but would not disclose whether the recipient was Valderrama (who was affectionate with Lohan during breaks) or one of his costars, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Topher Grace. The episode will air Nov. 10.


Move aside, Christina Aguilera. Britney Spears has a new nemesis: Chucky, the demonic but campy horror-movie puppet. In the new film Seed of Chucky, the evil doll drives a Spears look-alike off a cliff. "Chucky isn't really into her kind of music," notes Don Mancini, writer and creator of the Chucky series. The feeling is mutual. England's Sky News reports that Spears said, "I don't like the script," explaining why she refused permission for the filmmakers to use her song "Baby One More Time." (Spears's rep declined comment.) Seed of Chucky's trailer carries a notice that Spears does not actually appear in the film. "It was getting a little contentious between her camp and our camp," says Mancini.


Is it something in the fertilizer? ABC's Desperate Housewives features a hot young gardener named John. FOX's The O.C. has a hot young gardener named D.J. But do they have anything else in common? Scoop asked the actors in question about their real-life horticultural habits.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Jesse Metcalfe THE O.C.'S Nicholas Gonzalez

Favorite garden tool [Jesse Metcalfe] The chain saw [Nicholas Gonzalez] The weed eater

Favorite flower [Jesse Metcalfe] Orchid [Nicholas Gonzalez] Gardenia

Home garden? [Jesse Metcalfe] Small yard [Nicholas Gonzalez] No lawn

Mowed lawn as kid? [Jesse Metcalfe] Yes [Nicholas Gonzalez] Yes

Lawn's best friend [Jesse Metcalfe] Sprinkler [Nicholas Gonzalez] Sprinkler

Why gardeners are hot now [Jesse Metcalfe] "Gardeners tend to be fantasized about by housewives." [Nicholas Gonzalez] "We're really good with our hands."

A Fat Actress Peek
The early word on Kirstie Alley's eagerly awaited comedy show Fat Actress? Big. Showtime execs screened a brief teaser for the series, set to premiere in March, at a Nov. 1 party for the cast of their new drama Huff. "If the show is half as good as that little preview was, then they have a winner," says Huff's Hank Azaria. The clip showed Alley, 53, wearing a silk robe and slipper booties, stepping on a bathroom scale and repeatedly crying out, "Oh my God," as she crumples to the floor.

RUBEN STUDDARD puts an end to his supervised diet

Some two weeks after starting an ambitious weight-loss regimen, 449-lb. American Idol champ Ruben Studdard has decided to ditch the diet. Studdard, 26, who had lost about 12 lbs., initially chose to follow a low-carb, low-cal, medically supervised meal plan and display the results on the TV show Extra. But "I didn't have time to go in every day to meet with a nurse like the diet required," says Studdard, who is now trying a home-delivery meal plan and, he says, working out three times a week with a fitness trainer. He says the number on the scale is not important: "I've never had an issue with my weight. I have always had a good self-image. I'm happy with who I am."

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Grudge made $39 million its opening weekend in the United States. A few days later star Sarah Michelle Gellar, 27, flew to England for the horror film's London premiere. Scoop caught up with her there for a chat about scary movies, making films with a spouse, and her old friend Buffy.

Did The Grudge's success surprise you?

I don't think in your wildest dreams you think about a $40 million opening weekend. It's a little mind-blowing.

Put this together with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I Know What You Did Last Summer...are you becoming a scream queen?

I hate labels, I really do. So I would certainly not want to categorize myself. I think the next film will have to be a little different.

We heard you're considering a musical, Southland Tales. True?

I'm hopeful. It has musical aspects, but they do not involve me, I'm very happy to tell you.

You won't be singing?


Did you watch The Grudge with your husband, Freddie Prinze Jr.?

He saw it without me. Bugger! That [word] makes me a total Brit, right?

Who gets more scared?

Who do you think? That would be me.

You were both in Scooby-Doo. Any future plans to work together?

No. I don't think people really want to see it. Scooby-Doo was a great thing because it did not hinge on our relationship. It was a movie about a talking dog. But I think it's been proven that audiences don't want to see couples onscreen. Do you agree?

Well...Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn?

In the last 10 years?

We'll get back to you. You started in show biz when you were 4 years old. If you had kids, would you encourage them to work in movies?

I don't know. I have no children. I would hate to even guess how I would decide to raise them.

Do you miss Buffy?

Everything about it. She was an amazing character.


PRICE: S70 million
PLACE Palm Beach, Fla.

Revlon mogul Ron Perelman and his wife, actress Ellen Barkin, keep adding to their millions. They sold their landmarked home for what their real estate agent says is a record-breaking price. Located on "Billionaire's Row" on the Atlantic Ocean, the 26,000-sq.-ft. property features a spa, boat dock, gym and two pools.

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