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updated 11/15/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/15/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

What a Waist!
Stars are experiencing hot sashes that are bolder than belts and tie together outfits in a figure-flattering way

Christina Applegate, in Dolce & Gabbana, at an L.A. premiere.

Jessica Simpson, in Luca Luca and her own sash, in N.Y.C.

Model Eva Herzigova, in her own design, in Paris.

Gwyneth Paltrow, in Lanvin, at an L.A. film premiere.

There's nothing desperate or housewifey about Eva Longoria in a $16,000 sterling-silver-sequined gown by Bradley Bayou for Halston at Fashion Group International's Night of Stars gala in N.Y.C.

Behind the Seams

IF SHE WEARS IT, IT WILL SELL: If designers throw any more loot at Sarah Jessica Parker, she's going to have to start wearing a catcher's mask. But the latest bauble to grace the gamine is for a worthy cause. Through Nov. 8, people can bid on a one-of-a-kind $125,000 Marc Jacobs-designed kunzite, diamond and white-gold ring that SJP will wear to the Louis Vuitton United Cancer Front gala she's cohosting. Proceeds from the ring benefit the UCF and props for looking pretty in it benefit Parker....
People can bid on the Vuitton ring through Nov. 8; 310-859-0457.

BLUSH WITH FAME: The newly launched DuWop cream blush sticks are already a hit with the female cast members of two shows with steamy enough plots to make blushed faces almost unnecessary—The O.C. and Desperate Housewives. Each of the six colors has a therapeutic name like Yoga or Retreat. Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson are fans of the Hug shade, and the makeup artist on Housewives is using the Vivaldi tint on the gals....
DuWop cream blush stick in Hug, $22;

NECK AND HEART WARMER: Could a fuzzy scarf be responsible for breaking an 86-year losing streak? Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's wife, Shonda, arranged for all players' wives to wear red scarves to the playoff games and World Series for good luck. It paid off—and so will the sale of the scarves. All proceeds go to Graceful Stitches, the Mass.-based nonprofit group that made the scarves and also sells knitting supplies and knit pieces to help people with cancer....
Graceful Stitches Red Sox scarf, $75; 508-359-1505.

REEL POPULAR: Stars on and off the screen are carrying Hogan's superhot Shopping bag—Uma Thurman totes it in Prime and Jennifer Aniston sports it in Rumor Has It. Meanwhile, Julianne Moore and Renée Zellweger lug it in real life. It's so in demand that the company is restocking it for winter and reissuing it for spring in a host of new colors.
Hogan Shopping bag, $995; 888-60-HOGAN.


The West Coast version has celebs too, but a more casual vibe

What stars were saying at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios...Sela Ward at Kate O'Connor: "This really brings me back to my modeling days. It's a good feeling for me to relive all the excitement." Carmen Electra at Frankie B.: "I would love to do my own line. I never learned how to sew, but I think it would be fun. Why not?" Entourage actress Samaire Armstrong: "New York fashion week is like attending an orchestrated opera and L.A.'s is like a cult classic film. One is dramatic, the other is drama." Rose McGowan at Jenni Kayne: "L.A. is looser in general, that's why it's more fun." Lara Flynn Boyle, also at Jenni Kayne, on why she went to the show: "This is the only [one] I'm going to. Jenni is a friend of mine. I love her work." Kimberly Stewart at Rachel Pally on getting through the week: "A lot of sleep and not a lot of alcohol."

She's a Lady
Stop rubbing your eyes. That's Lil' Kim looking lovely in Marc Jacobs at the Fashion Group International dinner where she presented the designer—her date—with an award. "People stated that Marc and I were an unusual pair," she says. "It couldn't be farther from the truth. Marc loves music and I love fashion, and what we have in common is our versatility. The problem is the conception of me, which is a result of the media choosing to run only photos of me when I am dressed sexy over when I look classy and sophisticated. When asked if this is a conservative look, a new look for me, no—it's not."

Beauty Trend
The sleekest buns on the red carpet aren't of the basic dinner-roll variety. They're twisted, elegant and slicked to a sheen. To get the look, Jessica Simpson's stylist Ken Pavés attached a hairpiece to her ponytail, twisted the hair around the base of the ponytail and used a microfine hairnet to hold it all in place. "It adds seriousness and sophistication to an outfit," says Pavés.

Trend of the Week

What to wear when you're just a little cold? Need just a little help jazzing up an outfit? Try one of these shrug-cardigan hybrids. It can lend a bit of shoulder warmth and modesty to a slinky number like Alyssa Milano's or add texture to a simple outfit like Mary J. Blige's. There's no job too small for this sweater.

Star Talk

ROSARIO DAWSON Banana Republic's recent Spring 2005 runway show in N.Y.C.

"Seeing the halter dresses and metallic sandals made me so nostalgic for summer, not to mention my recent trip to Australia. And all those bikinis made me want to grab them off the runway and head to South America. A lot of the collection, like the fitted western shirt, made me think of things I like doing in my downtime, which of course I don't have a lot of. Things like horseback riding—I love doing anything active."

First Balenciaga, then Botkier. Now Bulga joins the ranks of must-have B-bags

If you look at the evolutionary chart of an It Bag, you'll find it doesn't always begin on the arms of trendy starlets. It starts by being lugged by fashion insiders like stylists and editors who, at the moment, are loving the Bulga bag. In fact, it's just now making the transition from carried to coveted, and stars like Mena Suvari have caught on. Consider yourself tipped off.
Leather studded Bulga bag, $435; Fred Segal Tiara, 310-394-8186.

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