Picks and Pans Review: TV Board Games

updated 11/22/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/22/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

Okay, couch potatoes, a slew of new TV-themed games will let you prove that all those hours before the tube weren't in vain. Get ready to roll the dice.


Fans of Saturday Night Live will revel in this special edition, which comes complete with themed games pieces (including Dan Aykroyd's Conehead and Will Ferrell's cheerleader). And no more fighting over how to pick the game-winning questions—they come from a challenging DVD. ($44.99)

SCENE IT? TV EDITION Finally a chance to show off all those TV theme songs you've memorized. With DVD clips of shows from the past 50 years (ranging from The Lone Ranger to Charmed), this all-TV Scene It? features questions about songs, plotlines, and catchphrases (Seinfeld's "Hello, Newman"). For larger groups: Ditch the game board and switch the DVD to party play mode. You'll get one video question after another. ($44.99)

SEX AND WE CITY: TRIVIA GAME If you're still mourning the dearly departed HBO series, whip up some cosmos and dry your eyes. This game, which comes in a hot pink tin box, is packed with 1,000 demanding trivia questions about the Fab Four. What drops out of Carrie's purse the first time she meets Mr. Big? What is the name of Charlotte's dog? (Condoms and Elizabeth Taylor, respectively.) ($15.99)

CSI: THE BOARD GAME Just as Gil Grissom's team does every week, you've got a murder to solve. Collecting evidence (à la Clue) you sniff out a suspect, motive and opportunity. First person to hand over the correct arrest warrant wins. ($29.99)

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