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The Kids Are All Right

Julia Roberts's newborn twins spend eight days in the hospital before heading home healthy and happy

Twins Phinnaeus and Hazel Moder finally arrived home with mom Julia Roberts and dad Danny Moder the night of Dec. 6, eight days after they came into the world at a Los Angeles hospital. The reason for the delay? The siblings, born a month early and weighing around 5 lbs. each, were being closely monitored by doctors, normal procedure for premature babies. "Lung development is usually one of the factors why they keep twins in the hospital for an extra week," says Dr. Sheryl Ross, an obstetrician-gynecologist and a consultant for the book Two at a Time: Having Twins. "Another thing" is feeding. They tend not to be good suckers." Hazel, who weighed slightly less than her brother, was initially kept in an incubator, but "she's doing just fine" now, says a family friend. Moder, 35, and Roberts, 37, who went home a few days after giving birth, visited their children daily. "[The babies] are healthy," says the friend. "They're doing great." The next step? "It's all about feeding," says Ross. "The better they feed, the better they sleep."


Julia Roberts will next star in a photo spread for the fashion journal W, shot a few months into her pregnancy. During a predelivery, hospital-bed interview, the actress proudly displayed the pink nylon straps attached to her belly that connected to a monitor for her unborn children's heartbeats. "I think that it is safe to say now that I am fully and completely a grown-up," Roberts told the magazine. How will she juggle motherhood and Hollywood? "The babies will be a great factor," she said. "Scripts will have to continue to compete with the quality of my life." Roberts and family will next head for their Taos, N. Mex., ranch. "There's no real plan," she said. "We'll just go along like we always have. Except there will be more of us."

Billy Crystal In 700 Sundays

Some memorable lines from Crystal's new one-man Broadway show:

•"At this performance, the role of Billy Crystal will be played by Miss Bernadette Peters."
•The three words from his mother that changed Crystal's life: "Don't wash wool!"
•The reason why a skimpy uniform ruined Crystal's fledgling basketball career: "It's really hard to look intimidating when your nipples are showing."

Getting the Wrong Message

Reports of a rift between Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey heated up last week, due to a widely circulated e-mail that detailed a tense backstage atmosphere between the couple before the Nov. 30 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. But a rep for the production company that staged the holiday show said the message, which had been written by one of the company's workers, was "exaggerated." Lachey's spokesperson also denies any tension. "They're not on the rocks and are really sick and tired of having to shoot these rumors down all the time."

OLSENS: Protest, Perfumes and Parties

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen faced down everything from business challenges to dating rumors during a busy week:

The National Labor Committee (NLC), a watchdog group that made waves in 1996 when it publicized the sweatshop conditions of Honduran laborers who worked on Kathie Lee Gifford's clothing line, have now set their sights on the Olsens. The NLC claims it asked the sisters to support paid maternity leaves for the women who manufacture their Wal-Mart clothing line in Bangladesh and failed to hear back from them. The NLC has scheduled a Dec. 9 protest march near New York University, where the Olsens go to school. The twins say they never received the request and released a statement that said all vendors who do business with their company "are required to comply with the most rigorous health and safety standards in the retail industry."

Meanwhile, the twins' business empire continues to grow. They announced that they will launch two new fragrances, Coast to Coast LA and Coast to Coast NYC, next spring. According to Mary-Kate, the scents will capture the girls' "sense of fashion and style."

Despite a report that Mary-Kate is dating model Karl Lindeman, their rep insists, "Mary-Kate has no new boyfriend." She is still clubbing, though, joining her sister at the restaurant-club Butter on Dec. 6. That evening Ashley spent most of the time hanging with her friend, restaurateur Scott Sartiano.



Unlike previous Survivor contestants Jenna Morasca. Heidi Strobel and Jerri Manthey, Survivor: Vanuatu's Ami Cusack didn't wait until the tribe had spoken before posing for Playboy. Cusack, 31, a former model who was voted off the island on the Dec. 2 show, originally bared all in the July 1996 issue. "I knew [the nude photos] would resurface," says Cusack, now a Lakewood, Colo., barista, "but it's all right." Her only regret? "I was actually going to get the cover," she says, "but [Playmate] Jenny McCarthy got her MTV show that month, and I got bumped."

Mel Gibson's Fantasy Island

In the South Pacific, Braveheart now treads where Captain Cook once roamed

Mel Gibson flew to Fiji this month to buy the 5,400-acre island of Mago, reportedly agreeing to pay $15 million to a Japanese hotel chain for the South Pacific retreat. The island houses 40 residents, mostly coconut farmers and their families, two lagoons and powder-white beaches. "He wants to keep it as an exclusive getaway for his friends and family," says a local reporter. Gibson has no comment.


After hearing news reports bemoaning the lack of traditional nativity scenes in England this holiday season, the folks who run London's Madame Tussauds wax museum did...absolutely nothing to alleviate the problem. But they did create a very unusual scene, utilizing their famed effigies—including, among others, David and Victoria Beckham as Joseph and Mary, and Kylie Minogue as an angel. (There's no celebrity baby in the manger, just a doll.) The exhibit, which opened Dec. 7, has already become one of the museum's most photographed attractions.


Shaquille O'Neal

After eight seasons listening to celebs like Jack Nicholson cheer him on courtside, basketball Superman Shaquille O'Neal, 32, has taken his dunks from the L.A. Lakers to the Miami Heat. Scoop caught up with the 7'1" center and asked him about life in the Sunshine State, his future in film and a certain ex-teammate.

Are you adapting to the alligators?

At my lakeside home in Orlando, part of my workout was to put on a life jacket and swim 20 minutes out and back. But I never did it. I was nervous that a gator would get me.

How has your lifestyle changed in Miami? Have you gotten a boat?

It hasn't changed much. I spent so much on my [new] house I don't feel like writing big checks [for a boat].

What scares you more: earthquakes or hurricanes?

Hurricanes, especially living near the water. I felt a couple of tremors in L.A. but nothing that made me want to move.

Compare the beaches.

Miami Beach has beautiful sights for a single man. I'm not allowed to look [because of wife Shaunie], but for a single man, Miami Beach would be a little bit better.

Let's say you're driving down I-95 and a little old man in front of you is going 24 mph. How do you keep your cool?

I will turn my music up and just cruise. I don't let little things like that blow my cap.

Will we ever see a sequel to your 1996 movie Kazaam?

Probably not. I don't want to do kids' movies anymore. I want to do Will Smith-type action movies.

What ever happened to loyalty in team sports?

It seems like there isn't much [anymore]. I couldn't imagine Shaquille O'Neal being traded. But as long as you know it can happen to anybody, you don't get sour about it. It's business. For years my wife has been bugging me to get a house in South Florida. So it was meant to be.

Sum up your former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant in three printable words or less.

Diff. Er. Rent.


PRICE: $9.75 million
PLACE: Long Island, N.Y.

Moving to satellite radio isn't the only change for Howard Stern: The radio host is selling his five-bedroom Hamptons estate in Amagansett. Perched by the ocean, the two-story home, which features several decks, also comes with a pool, a spa and a separate studio with gym.

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