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updated 12/20/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/20/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

Madrid! London! Stockholm! Paris! As she blitzed Europe for the last two weeks to promote her next album, due in March, Jennifer Lopez played a sampling of songs with titles like "I Got You" and "Still Around." And at each stop, the possible inspiration for those tracks—her husband of six months, Marc Anthony—never sat more than a few feet away, often singing along and flashing encouraging smiles. "It was the odd little glance, the odd little wave," says a guest at the London listening party, attended by VIPs and record execs. "It was almost like she wanted to know if she was doing okay. They weren't over the top. It was really sweet."

Lopez—who also taped an appearance on Star Academy, a French version of American Idol, in which she sang with contestants—"was obviously very excited about him being there," says an onlooker. "There was a lot of good-natured give and take. At one point she told us, 'If you get excited, here is the dance floor.' And Marc said, 'Yeah, I'll dance.' " Not even the behavior of a few guests at the Stockholm party, who talked through some of her songs, appeared to spoil Lopez's mood. "They both seemed really relaxed and enjoyed their time together," says a guest at that event. As they left, "they were holding hands and kissing each other in the backseat of the car."

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