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Diaz Takes a Dive
Cameron Diaz, an avid surfer and snowboarder, found a new sport to master on her globe-trotting adventures for MTV's upcoming reality show Trippin'. "I took a face dive when I was sand boarding [in Chile]," says Diaz, 32, who traveled with friends like Drew Barrymore to highlight environmental issues. "Out of nowhere I caught an edge and it took me down. That's the kind of pain you forget, like childbirth." For Diaz, just getting to her destinations was a trial. "We did car rides in Bhutan where trucks barrel around corners, carrying huge logs. We'd swerve to the side of the road. But for me, physical discomfort is about building your constitution."

What's in Frankie's Freezer?
In the family adventure Racing Stripes, Frankie Muniz voices a zebra that befriends a pony, a goat, a rooster and a pelican, but this crew pales against the unusual menagerie in the actor's own home. "I have a rat, a millipede, five leopard geckos and a boa constrictor—all in the same room. I love animals," says Muniz, 19. Think that's weird? Just check out his fridge. "I feed the boa constrictor [Mystique] frozen rats, so people open my freezer and they're like, 'Uh, dead mice?' I'm like, 'Yeah, that's food.' I care for it and keep it happy, but when it gets full-grown it'll be able to eat me!"

Ethan: Snow Man
Plenty of actors worry about getting typecast, but what about being constantly associated with snow? Just ask Ethan Hawke. "If a movie has snow, I'm going to be in it," jokes the actor, 34, whose latest film, Assault on Precinct 13, is loaded with winter scenes. "My fear is that when directors read the script and see snow, they conjure my image. I did Dead Poets Society, which had a bunch of snow scenes, and White Fang, A Midnight Clear, Alive and Snow Falling on Cedars. That's my niche. I don't think anybody else can claim that one."

False Idols
It's Paula Abdul's fourth season as a judge on American Idol, but she's still amazed by the abysmal performances of many contestants. "It's mind-boggling how horrific some of them are, [especially those] with unbelievably healthy egos [thinking] that they are all that," says Abdul, 42, who will appear in the Ameriquest Mortgage Super Bowl XXXIX Halftime Show Feb. 6. Her assessment is shared by this season's guest judges, who include Kenny Loggins, Gene Simmons and LL Cool J. "They couldn't believe there are people who come in believing they sound better than Kelly Clarkson and that we're hearing something wrong. Kenny said, Is it sick or healthy to walk around believing in yourself so much?' I said, 'Well, it's delusional.' "

Favorite new TV show: Lost. It's a great concept. And [Matthew Fox] is cute.

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