Picks and Pans Review: Sounds Off

updated 02/21/2005 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/21/2005 AT 01:00 AM EST

Tori Spelling

Now 31, the former 90210 star returns to TV Feb. 12 in the Hallmark Channel romantic comedy Family Plan. Her costar: Jordan Bridges, Beau's son.

ON WORKING WITH JORDAN We grew up together. His grandparents and my parents have beach houses next to each other in Malibu. I said to him, "You were the only little boy I ever played with growing up; weren't we supposed to play doctor? We never did. Were you not interested in me?" He said, "I had my ways of showing interest. I always put sand down your pants."

ON BEING A NEWLYWED It's great. Charlie [Shanian] makes me feel safe. Fifty years from now I'll look in his eyes and feel exactly the same way.

ON GRANDKIDS FOR PAPA AARON He's not good at dealing with that. Someone asked, "Are you thinking about kids?" And Dad said, "Don't ask her that yet. She just got married." And I said, "Dad, that's a reality." He said, "You're still my baby."

ON 90210 My cousin's nieces are 13 and 16, and they watch it after school. It's just as exciting to them now. I'm proud to be a part of something that was part of television history. But when I go there all their friends are freaking out. I can't get away from it!

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