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originally published 05/16/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

I wish the entire world could read about the heroic way Drew Barrymore handled her father's final months of life. Despite all the trials and tribulations she's encountered, Drew remains an exquisite inspiration.
Dannion Brinkley
Las Vegas, Nev.

Thanks, Drew, for being an example of no matter how far you fall, it's never impossible to get back up. Christopher Boyd
Austin, Texas

Not everyone has the perfect childhood, but Drew's comment "I don't regret any of it; I'm just past it" says it all. Her past has made her a strong, independent woman.
Lisa Chubbuck
Orange Park, Fla.

Finally, a troubled child star who has become a sweet and lovely adult. Drew has never looked better.
Debra Grulick
Dayton, Ohio

Hats off to Drew for remaining true to her natural hair color. It's nice to see a star who doesn't feel she needs blonde hair to be famous.
Marcia Lawrence
Sioux City, Iowa

The dynamic Drew Barrymore on your cover is a picture of beauty and a true Cinderella story. Good for you, Drew. Your laughter and positive reinforcement about life are very refreshing.
Elizabeth C. Mahoney
Olney, Md.

Congratulations to Britney Spears on her pregnancy. I wish her all the best and know she'll be a great
Abby Verhulp
Abbotsford, B.C.

So Britney is having a baby. I imagine she wants to try out motherhood just as she wanted to try out marriage. Well, motherhood lasts longer. I hope Britney gets the maturity needed to be both a wife and mother.
Mary Hazlett
Akron, Ohio

I'm outraged by the thought that this "girl" is having a baby. I'm not a fortune teller, but Britney and Kevin Federline's marriage may end up just like the relationship he had with his last girlfriend—short-lived.
Erin Ho
Renton, Wash.

I could go on forever about the hurt I suffered since you published "Did a Doctor Kill Her Baby?" There are two sides to every story. You failed to mention that my father, the late Dr. Peter Serrao, was exonerated of all charges by the Texas Medical Board. When you looked into my father's eyes, you saw a good soul. I always called him my hero, and he was truly a miracle worker. I don't wish to fight over who was right or wrong. I'm more upset about your depiction of a man who is not here to defend himself.
Ashley Serrao
Playa Del Rey, Calif.

It's appalling that a judge wouldn't permit Martha Stewart to remove her ankle monitor. Stewart's not a threat to society. We need to respect people who work hard in this country.
Laura Koel
Milwaukee, Wis.

We were incredibly happy to see the judge say no to her petition. Quit acting like a spoiled brat, Martha, and take your punishment like an adult.
Andrew and Robin Hoge
Wilmington, Ohio

I respect the hell out of Kathleen Turner. She endured her battles with arthritis and alcohol with exceptional grace. What a great lady!
Lori Earl
Tigard, Ore.

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