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Good for Renée and Kenny! My husband and I met and married within four months and are still going strong 14 years later. Renée has never struck me as typical Hollywood, and I hope that her marriage is not typical Hollywood either. May they live happily ever after.
Gabrielle Beyer
Dayton, Ohio

Now that's love, southern style. The real deal. This wedding was much more spectacular than that Donald Trump-Melania thang. Congratulations to this daughter and son of the South for recognizing what is really important. I bet they can keep it that way, too. Renée lassoed her man, and I know she plans to hang on longer than eight seconds. And Kenny ain't letting go either.
Melanie Wilcox
Longview, Texas

Congratulations and best wishes to Renée and Kenny. True love is always worth the wait, and fate brought them together. You know love when it hits you. Always remember that jobs come a dime a dozen, but you only have one family.
Kathy McCrea
Chicago, Ill.

I could be wrong, but I must say that even though Kenny and Renée deserve to be happy, I will laugh here in a few months when they realize they are no longer "soul mates."
Molly Mathews
Fairmont, W.Va.

The Modesto Police and prosecutors did an extraordinary job investigating the Laci Peterson murder case and seeing it through to the end. Reading their comments makes it clear they had their man. As much as Lee Peterson does not want to accept that his son is a murderer, I think sending a letter to the Modesto Bee about Scott's innocence was a bit much, especially as every aspect of what he stated had already been addressed in court.
David DeRossett
Prestonsburg, Ky.

Gimme a break! The prosecution never proved Scott Peterson was guilty. They "got Scott" with a steady drumbeat of nasty innuendo and public venom fueled by incessant tabloid frenzy, talk-show clamor, a hysterical mother-in-law and, most of all, a posturing, philandering husband who played right into their hands. But none of this amounts to hard evidence. Did they have a weapon? A crime scene? Blood splatters? Signs of a struggle? What they had were [media figures] and others whose constant accusations poisoned the jury pool. Scott Peterson may be guilty, but we would never know it by the disgraceful proceedings that led to his conviction. If this is what is to pass for justice in our country, we should all be very afraid.
Michael Harrah
Toluca Lake, Calif.

Thank you for your article on Jamey Sheridan's experience with Bell's Palsy. I'd never heard of the condition until I woke last October with half my face paralyzed. Sheridan's experience was much like mine; at first it's funny, but then worry sets in. I applaud Sheridan for the courage to go on TV (it was hard enough for me to go to Target). He put it best when he said, "you think you're unstoppable, and then you find out you're really quite vulnerable."
Sara Baird
Seaford, Va.

How nice for Rebecca Gayheart that she gets a second chance, a "fresh start." Too bad the family of Jorge Cruz Jr. can't feel that same happiness. She killed a little boy. The only character she should portray is a convict.
Jennifer Mitchell
Evansville, Ind.

Britney and Kevin: Chaotic should be required viewing for all kids. Children: Kevin is what happens when you win the lottery, and Britney is what happens if you do nothing but hold slumber parties for the next 15 years. I can't wait to see their first year of parenting.
Amanda Michell
Waukesha, Wis.

Renée and Kenny—what a breath of fresh air. Finally two people in love with their heads in the clouds but their feet firmly planted on terra firma.
Peggy Shoulders
Hazelhurst, Wis.

The name of tennis player James Blake's practice partner is Jeff Morrison, not Jim. Also, at her wedding to Jason Priestley, Naomi Lowde wore a gown by St. Pucchi Couture Inc. by Rani, not Pucci.

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