Picks and Pans Review: The Honeymooners

updated 06/20/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/20/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Cedric the Entertainer, Mike Epps, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall


Thanks to syndication, the 1955-56 comedy series upon which this ramshackle movie is based ran forever on TV, turning Jackie Gleason's Ralph Kramden character and Art Carney's Ed Norton into television immortals. The best that can be said about this film version is that it lasts a mere 90 minutes.

This new Honeymooners plays like a sitcom that is headed for a quick cancellation; the jokes are stale, the characters not particularly engaging. Bus driver Ralph (Cedric) and sewer worker Ed (Epps) must raise $20,000 in two weeks to buy a duplex coveted by their wives (Union as Ralph's Alice, Hall as Ed's Trixie). Thus, the two take up various harebrained schemes to raise money. While these guys pointlessly spin their wheels, the film's only real laughs come from John Leguizamo. He plays a lowlife. How low? "I don't want to marry her for her money," he says of his older girlfriend, "but I don't know any other way to get it." (PG-13)


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