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AGE: Turned 46 on July 7
HOMETOWN: Charlottesville, Va.
LATEST GIG: After a sci-fi stint, sailing around the world

•E.T.—The Extra-Tricky: He's still best known as a family man on ABC's Once and Again, but his boyish good looks make him ideal for morally deceptive characters. Fresh from a role on The O.C.—as a magazine editor who put the moves on married Kirsten—he's now casting his 6'4" shadow on The 4400. In the new season of the sci-fi hit about UFO abduction, he plays a billionaire trying to help the returned abductees readjust. Or is he up to some shadier game? "I'm not sure if this is a good guy or not. He sure smells like a bad guy."

•U Believe in UFOs? "The jury is out. I sure hope we're not the only intelligent life in the universe, because it doesn't say much for the universe if we are."

•Voyager: With his shooting already done for this season, the never-married actor is off for a yearlong working vacation on a 179-ft., three-masted boat, The Picton Castle. The trip, which cost $36,000, takes him from Nova Scotia around the world. "Nobody comes along just for the ride," says Campbell, who has spent the past four summers on a square-rigger in Norway. "You've got to run up the rigging, put up the sails and take 'em down, scrub toilets, paint chipped rust, cook, scrub the deck." Says 4400 costar Jacqueline McKenzie: "I've got to hand it to him, he's a braver man than most."

•And the Mother Ship?: "I'm not worried about Hollywood," says Campbell, who plans to return to shoot 4400 in '06. "I don't feel like I'm unplugging from something. I feel like I'm plugging in."

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