Picks and Pans Review: Play This!

updated 07/18/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/18/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

ER THE GAME This easy-to-play simulation for the PC isn't as action packed as the TV ER, but with a little imagination, you can jazz it up. My goal? To smooch Mekhi Phifer, who lends his voice to the game (along with Noah Wyle and Sherry Stringfield). After all, you can boost your value as a new intern not just by treating medical cases, but by interacting with the staff by having your character take actions like "joke," "gossip" and—yes—"kiss." I scope out Phifer's Dr. Pratt, only to hear back, "Don't you have work to do?" Jerk. I click the kiss icon, but he stomps off. I check my hygiene level and realize I need a shower. Maybe that's the problem.

Thirty minutes and five failed attempts later, I stalk Pratt one more time before my poor doctoring skills end the game. For round 2, I play it cooler, clicking "I like sports" on my topics menu. Suddenly a big heart floats above his head, and we finally lock lips. Yum. I don't just get a peck—I get a full-on makeout session. Next time I'm going after Carter.

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