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The rumor that Gwyneth Paltrow was in New York City last week gearing up for a wedding turned out to be true. It just wasn't her wedding. On Sept. 20 Paltrow served as a bridesmaid for Julia Cuddihy, an old high school friend. Bachelorette-party duties might explain what Paltrow was doing shopping at an adult boutique three days earlier. The actress spent a half hour picking up assorted novelties at the Pleasure Chest in Manhattan, while her beau, Coldplay's Chris Martin, patiently waited outside.

Congratulations are in order for Carrie-Anne Moss, who gave birth to her first child in late August. Well, we think best wishes are called for. The Matrix star and her husband, actor Steven Roy, have refused to give any details about the baby or even confirm the birth. Moss is upset that paparazzi snapped pictures of her and the newborn in front of their L.A. home. Says her rep: "It's a matter of privacy."

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has a new boyfriend: actor Jerry O'Connell (Kangaroo Jack). The two met on the set of Fat Slags, a comedy they've been shooting in London since August. Although the romance is still young, Halliwell has already met O'Connell's parents, who came out to visit the actor on location.

Pamela Anderson has been putting out a lot of mixed signals about her love life lately. First, she and Kid Rock broke off their engagement. Then they reconciled. But recently Anderson has spent a fair amount of time with her ex, Tommy Lee. (The two settled their custody battle over sons Brandon, 7, and Dylan, 5, in January.) So are she and Kid Rock officially done? "I love him and think he's a great guy," says Anderson, whose Sirius Satellite Radio talk show debuts Oct. 3. "But my priority is my kids and their relationship with their dad." Meaning she's back with Lee? "You can't put a label on it," the actress says slyly. "I'm good friends with Kid, I'm good friends with Tommy." Adds Anderson with a laugh: "I have an alternative lifestyle that doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but it works for us."


Spotted: Demi Moore, trying hard to keep a straight face as she watched boyfriend Ashton Kutcher film a segment for his MTV prankfest Punk'd. Kutcher had a fake reporter on the red carpet—to lure in unsuspecting celebs—at a pre-Emmy party at White Lotus in Hollywood; Moore watched the action on a monitor nearby....

Jonathan Silverman and Ashley Williams (Good Morning Miami) are dating. Despite the age difference (he's 37, she's 24) a friend of the couple's says "they're very happy."...

Frankie Muniz is officially on his own. Now that he's almost 18, he recently moved out of his parents' house and into one he bought in the Hollywood Hills complete with an eight-car garage.

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