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updated 10/06/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/06/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Nic at Night
Looks like Lisa Marie Presley has a groupie: ex-husband Nicolas Cage. The Matchstick Man has turned up at some of her concerts and stuck around for dinner. Most recently, Cage took in Presley's Sept. 13 show at the Las Vegas House of Blues, then joined her afterward at the Foundation Room nightclub. Could it be a reigniting of their burning love, which fizzled in 2002 after three months of wedded bliss? Unlikely. "It wasn't just the two of them [at the club], it was a bunch of friends," says one patron. "They were just hanging out."

Just Friends?
Nicole Kidman sublet rocker Lenny Kravitz's Manhattan digs this summer, but did she also lease his heart? They've been chummy at several high-profile events in recent weeks, even though Kidman has already moved out of Kravitz's apartment. The pair "are buddies and hang out," says her rep, adding that on one recent night out the two were part of a bigger group. "What Nicole does with her evenings is her prerogative."

End it like Beckham? British tabs said David Beckham and wife Victoria hit a snag after he signed with Spain's Real Madrid soccer club this summer. Seems Posh didn't want to live in Spain, while Becks was peeved she spent so much time in New York City recording a comeback album. The chatter prompted a rare statement from the pair: "Our marriage is not in crisis. We are very much enjoying our new life in Spain."

Athina Onassis Roussel isn't' horsing around. The heiress, 18, and Brazilian equestrian Alvaro "Doda" de Miranda Neto, 30, are "steady and serious," says her friend Alexis Mantheakis. Both keen riders (he's training for the 2004 Olympics), they summered in São Paulo. Says Mantheakis: "He's very protective of her."

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