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originally published 11/10/2003 AT 01:00 AM EST

My thoughts and prayers are with Roy Horn. May he make a speedy recovery so he can continue working to preserve those magnificent animals.
Tracy Schenider,
Coral Springs, Fla.

When this terrible tragedy happened, I said, "I'll bet Roy told them not to destroy the cat." I wasn't at all surprised to hear later that he in fact said those very words. Roy's connection with these animals is truly special. I'm praying for his full recovery and hoping that somehow their show will once again go on.
LouAnn Presas,
San Antonio, Texas

Siegfried and Roy are truly master illusionists if they have convinced people that they're conservationists. The white tigers used in their magic shows are not at all a threatened species; they're the result of a genetic mutation. By breeding these tigers and parading them on a stage, Siegfried and Roy were conserving their bank accounts, not an endangered species.
Matt Mullins,
Powell, Tenn.

Those tigers belong in their natural habitat, not on a Las Vegas stage performing tricks. I guess Roy Horn has learned that very painful lesson.
Sherry Fudim,
Upper Montclair, N.J.

Instead of going into rehab for sexual addiction, Eric Benét should have gotten his eyes checked and realized it doesn't get any better than being with Halle Berry, the most beautiful woman in the world. Well, maybe he should have them checked now so he can see just how good he had it. She deserves nothing but the best. Good luck, Halle.
Corey Koerner,
Cottage Grove, Minn.

As a teacher I'm saddened and angered by the heartbreaking story of Daniel Scruggs. It's nothing short of a crime that Daniel's classmates were allowed to bully and torture him and no teacher stepped in to protect him. As teachers, we not only have a responsibility to educate children but to protect them. If one of Daniel's teachers had taken just a minute to speak with him, to ask how they could help, he might not have chosen such a desperate and sad ending to his short life.
Jan Rosenblum,
Suffern, N.Y.

So Judith Scruggs's supporters cite her 60-hour work weeks to excuse this woman's neglect of her son? Please. I've been putting in 50-hour work weeks for the last 24 years and still manage to have a clean home, a mowed yard and happy, cared-for children. It's too bad this woman didn't step up to her responsibilities and do the same for Daniel. Blame the school? You're kidding! Shame on Judith and women like her who let their children live in filth. The only thing she is is a poor excuse for a mother.
Kathleen C. Butler
Wichita, Kans.

The jury may have decided to punish Judith Scruggs for the suicide of her son, but the students who bullied him should be brought to justice as well. That child didn't kill himself because his house was dirty.
James Landis,
Exeter, N.H.

The news of Rush Limbaugh's addiction to prescription pain medication came as a great sadness to those of us who listen to him regularly. Rush has been an inspirational leader and for that we are indeed indebted. We will repay him by giving him what he asked us for—our prayers.
Christina Tunger,
Santa Barbara, Calif.

Wow! Rush Limbaugh a drug addict? Perhaps that explains why he's so egotistical, judgmental and insensitive. After treatment I'm certain he will announce a pitiful self-serving explanation about his drug addiction.
Nina Laney,
Hubbard, Ohio

How refreshing to read about Clay Aiken, a celebrity who's more concerned with others than with himself and is willing to stand up for his principles. The music tide is changing and Clay is pioneering the first wave.
Tanya Slavich,
Olympia, Wash.

How come it's acceptable for Roy to bite a tiger "as hard as [he] could on her nose," but everyone is horrified when a tiger bites Roy on the neck?
Elaine Sloan,
New York. N.Y.

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