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originally published 11/10/2003 AT 01:00 AM EST

It's a Boy!

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe welcome a new addition to their brood. Hello, young Deacon

Last July, when Reese Witherspoon was four months pregnant, she told PEOPLE, "I'm trying not to eat too many potato chips. On the first pregnancy I gained a lot of weight. I'm trying to be better this time." Now she can munch away. On Oct. 23 Witherspoon, 27, gave birth to Deacon Phillippe, her first son with her actor husband, Ryan Phillippe, 29. Deacon joins big sister Ava, 4. "On the second baby you don't worry as much," said Witherspoon. "The first time I was, like, panicked. 'I need a crib!' Now I'm much more relaxed."

This summer the family traveled to England, where she filmed Vanity Fair. The family has since been home in Los Angeles. "Ryan's really excited about having another baby," Witherspoon said in July. "And I'm really excited. And Ava's more excited than both of us. I think she'll be a great older sister."



Due Date: ca. 02/04

Now starring in a Chris Robinson production: How to Gain a Guy (or Gal) in Nine Months.


Due Date: 10/03

Soon there will be a new heir to the Beatles fortune. Baby, you're a rich little man—or woman.


Due Date: 11/03

A first child with writer Panio Gianopoulos. If it's a girl, odds are she'll be pretty in pink.

A Not-So-Rosy Week
Rosie O'Donnell's court battle against magazine publisher Gruner + Jahr USA was scheduled to begin on Oct. 28, and at press time the case was shaping up to be a bitter, no-holds-barred affair. On Oct. 24 Gruner + Jahr issued a statement placing the blame for the failure of Rosie the magazine (which folded in December) squarely at O'Donnell's feet: "She decided to walk away from the magazine without legal justification, resulting in the loss of more than 100 jobs and causing G + J to lose tens of millions of dollars." The publisher denied O'Donnell's claim that it had misrepresented the financial performance of the magazine. "Unlike Rosie O'Donnell, who is attempting to try this case in the press, Gruner + Jahr would prefer to try it in court," read the company's statement.

O'Donnell's rep responded by saying, "Rosie looks forward to proving her case at trial." Previously, the onetime Queen of Nice had charged that G + J was wary of her vision and persona since she publicly announced that she was gay. Gruner + Jahr sued for more than $100 million; O'Donnell countersued for S125 million.

And just to make the week even more stressful for O'Donnell, Taboo, the troubled $10 million Broadway musical based on the life of Boy George that she is bankrolling, began previews on Oct. 28—four days late. The previous week lead actor Raúl Esparza had stormed out of a rehearsal after O'Donnell made comments about his performance. He returned hours later. Opening night is scheduled for Nov. 13.

When last we saw her on Sex and the City, Miranda, Cynthia Nixon's lovelorn character, finally settled into a meaningful relationship. Which makes last week's news of Nixon's real-life breakup with her longtime boyfriend, photographer Danny Mozes, all the more sad. The pair had actually split over the summer, but the news had been kept under wraps. "There were no third parties involved," says her rep Paul Block. The couple, who have two children together, Samantha, 7, and Charles, 10 months, often attended film premieres and theater openings together. "We're sorry this [breakup] is in the press," says Mozes, 37, "because our daughter is 7 and the fact that she has to deal with this in the press is unpleasant for us." Nixon, 37, has been busy shooting the final season of Sex, attending fashion shows and working as an advocate for New York City's public schools. Block describes the split as amicable, adding, "Their first priority is their children."

David Who? Liza Goes On with the Show
Her estranged spouse issuing her for $10 million, claiming" she used to beat him during vodka-fueled rages. But for now, Liza Minnelli, 57, is refusing to throw any punches. Though she filed for divorce from promoter David Gest, 50, on Oct. 22 in New York, the papers were kept private. Leaving the lawyers to duke it out, she flew to L.A. to sing at a benefit, attend the opening of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and sign autographs.

Meanwhile, the couple's former bodyguard didn't hold back in providing some intimate details of the marriage. Imad Handi says when Minnelli was in a furor, Gest would defend himself by feeding her chocolates to calm her down. Further-more, says Handi—and the faint of heart should stop reading right here—they, uh, "used to have lots of sex." How would he know? "I might be picking up her knickers off the floor, I might be picking up his underwear off the floor."

Is It Real Enough for Real Estate?
Are Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz ready to cohabit? The couple recently toured an $18.5 million townhouse for sale on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The five-story, ll,000-sq.-ft. property includes 21 rooms, a marble reception hall with a central staircase and a private garden. Kidman bought an $8 million 4,000-sq.-ft. duplex condo in Greenwich Village a year ago last August that she's now decorating...but maybe she won't be needing it after all.

Brad Pitt's next role: Middle Eastern diplomat. The actor and his wife, Jennifer Aniston, have joined One Voice, an organization trying to promote peace in the Middle East through contact with Israeli and Palestinian families. "The last few years of conflict mean that yet another generation of Israelis and Palestinians will grow up in hatred," reads a statement from the couple. "We cannot allow that to happen." The couple, however, have no immediate plans to go abroad.


She's still Pink but no longer pink. The singer, born Alecia Moore, has new hair (blonde) and a new album, Try This, set for release Nov. 11. The 24-year-old says that nowadays she's a virtual oasis of calm compared with her tween years growing up in Doylestown, Pa.

Your new single is "Trouble." Were you?

I was really bad. I used to get arrested all the time for dumb [stuff]. I would run away every other weekend. Most of the time I would just go down the street to friends' houses or sleep under trucks.

How early did this start?

I started smoking when I was 9. When I was 11 or 12, I became really angry and really a " [screw] authority" kind of girl.

Are you at peace with your family now?

Yeah. The last album [which touched on her parents' divorce] was really upsetting to them. I was just telling the truth.

How did they take the nose ring?

That was a lot easier for them compared to other stuff they had to deal with. I got my tongue pierced when I was 12, my first tattoo when I was 12. They hated me.

Did they ever try to wash your mouth out with soap?

Yeah. It didn't work. Once my mom caught me with a pack of cigarettes when I was in the 7th grade. She made me smoke the whole pack in front of her, thinking that would make me sick and want to quit.

One of your hits, "Get This Party Started," became the theme song for a health-club chain. Do you work out?

No. I like to kickbox and play sports. I like to skateboard. I hate gyms. I have ADD [attention-deficit disorder] so there is no way you could get me on a treadmill for longer than two minutes.

What does your family call you?

They all call me Alecia, now that my name is Pink for the rest of the world.

And of course you're blonde now.

It was never about the hair. It was just a nickname.


PRICE: $32 million
PLACE: Miami Beach

SPECS: Julio Iglesias, 60, has owned this waterfront mansion in a gated island community since 1978. The 10,000-sq.-ft. home, with views of Biscayne Bay, sits on four acres and boasts a thatched roof, eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two pools and two wine rooms that can store 7,000 bottles.

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