Bodyguard to the Stars: Jacquieline Davis

updated 12/15/2003 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/15/2003 AT 01:00 AM EST

AGE: 45
LATEST GIGS: Autobiography The Circuit, self-defense video Stay safe

•Doesn't leave home without: Her 9-mm Glock, ultralight bulletproof vest-and flats. "I laugh at that program V.I.P. with Pam Anderson," says Davis, one of the few women who works as a bodyguard for celebs. "She's always tottering around on high heels." Past and present clients of the 5'10" former London cop include J.K. Rowling, Diana Ross, Don Johnson and Liza Minnelli.

•Biggest perks: "Five-star hotels. First-class travel. As for male bodyguards, they say they all love looking after stars like Sting and Springsteen—because if the [female] fans can't get to them, they go for the bodyguards."

•Turning down Madonna: A few years ago Davis got a proposition from the singer's camp that she found all too resistible. "Part of it was you had to run around Hyde Park with her every morning—with a whole team of bodyguards, as a publicity stunt," she explains. "And they wanted to pay ridiculous [little] money."

•Stargazing: Discussing cellulite with Liza Minnelli. Having Kiss's Gene Simmons try to slip her his room key.

•Oops, her security slip is showing: "Britney Spears has a minder, not a bodyguard. When she came to England last year, what did her guy do? He left her and got into a fight with a photographer. My God, what a great ruse to kidnap somebody."

•Fright night: Handling security for the British version of Chippendales. "There's 400 women trying to get onstage to rip their clothes off. And I was like, 'God! Give me the IRA!' That was hard work."

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