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updated 12/15/2003 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/15/2003 AT 01:00 AM EST

Precious Little
Down with gowns! Celebs are having fun glitzing it up—but with shorter hemlines. Kylle Minogue, in her crystal-encrusted mini, and Sandra Bullock, in a knee-length bead and sequin-trimmed dress, look just as glam as their frock-to-the-floor counterparts. Plus it's more playful. "When I wear something sparkly," says LeAnn Rimes, "it adds an extra spark to my attitude." Naomi Campbell finds "a festive dress just adds to the fun." Three cheers for this new star-spangled manner.

Behind the Seams

Gwyneth Paltrow's legs were made for gawking, and the rest of her is jaw-dropping, too, thanks to the glamor gear she wore to N.Y.C.'s Lincoln Center—red lips, sexy bangs, long lashes and killer Boucheron diamond earrings. Add a dyed silver fox-trimmed coat and she's a show-stopper.

ALL ABOUT EVE: When Eve's gotta show, she's gotta low, and it doesn't just rhyme—it's true! Before her gig at last month's Victoria's Secret fashion show and prior to even stepping foot on the set of her new UPN show Eve, the glamor girl insisted on being covered from head to toe in Francesca Guerrera's Sunset I Bronze Loose Powder. "She has to have it," said her makeup artist Rea Ann Silva. And what Eve wants....

Sunset Bronze Loose Powder, $40;

CAT'S MEOW: What are celeb kittens buying like mad? The timely Cat in the Hat tee with its "I know some new tricks.... I will show them to you" motto is flying off shelves, thanks to stars like Hilary Duff and Kelly Preston. But do they like Green Eggs and Ham?...

Cat in the Hat tee by Doe, $25; Intuition, 877-310-8442.

PIPINO'S BAMBINO: Celeb clipper Ric Pipino (who has shorn the locks of Diane Lane, Tobey Maguire and Famke Janssen) has given birth to Head into Happiness hair and body products. Infused with scents like green apple and ginger, the line already has big fans. Says Sarah Wynter: "I take Ric's products with me everywhere I go!"...

Head into Happiness goodies; $10-$24:

THE JET PET: You don't expect Fifi to walk to her doggie Pilates class, now do you? Pampered pooches (and other fuzzy friends) travel in style in one of Petote's in-flight approved carriers, safe for animals weighing up to 6 lbs. Carried by Debra Messing, Halle Berry and Jewel, it has a plush mat inside, a lovely cross-breeze and handles long enough to toss over your shoulder. It should happen to a dog!

Petote Bali Reverse Noir Dots tote, $180; 866-642-2621.


Rabbi's Daughters

WHO: From left, Daniella Zax, 32, in "Meshuggenah" (crazy girl), Nina Bush, 37, in "Mamaleh" (darling mother—she's since given birth to twins), and Myla Fraser, 34, in "Bubeleh" (sweetie).

CLAIM TO FAME: The three California-based sisters have turned tees and tanks with Yiddish phrases into celebrity fashion statements.

"I've always wanted to do a line called 'Rabbi's Daughters,' " says Daniella, the youngest of Los Angeles Rabbi Jerry Cutler's three gals. "In June we came up with a simple idea, had a brainstorming session and then the thing you know..." Oy! Two months later their line of tops with Yiddishisms, like "Yenta" (gossipy girl), "Goy Toy" (a plaything for a non-Jewish boy) and "Shayna Punim" (pretty face), on them were selling like hot latkes. The celeb fan-base quickly followed: Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osbourne sport "Shiksa" (a non-Jewish girl) and Mandy Moore snagged "Oy Vey" (woe is me). "We like the fact it's bringing Yiddish into the mainstream," adds Daniella. "It definitely puts a smile on people's faces." Not the least of which is their proud papa's. Says Myla: "Our dad plugs us at all his services!"

Tees and tank tops, $36; Intution, 877-310-8442,


Breathe Bath Salts What's to love: Celebs are maxing their relaxing time with I this therapeutic blend of salt, vitamin E and lush essential oils.
Who uses it: Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Kate Hudson and Julianne Moore.
Where to get it: The $25 Breathe Bath Salts are available at

Dapper Bags

"Whatever you need most, you find last." Ancient Chinese proverb? Nope—it's the Diaper Bag Creed. Many tot totes are so big, it takes nine months just to dig for the wipes, and the patterns can be overpoweringly precious. That's why celeb moms like Reese Witherspoon and Jennie Garth appreciate Messybaby's multipocketed bags, while famous dads like Noah Wyle, who carries one with a cowboy print, and Peter Facinelli, who has a camouflage one, appreciate the manly patterns you can buy. Messybaby's clever fabrics also race their changing pads, bibs and burp cloths. You've come a long way, baby bag.

Messybaby diaper bag, $110, changing pad, $32;

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