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We should have seen it coming. A look back at the brief love affair between Andrew and Jennifer reveals a number of worrisome signs that may have spelled trouble:

After Jen moved into Andrew's pad, his roommate stayed.

His brother and sister and their kids joined the couple's first extended vacation together, a 10-day sailboat trip.

Jen's mom once said—albeit with a smile—"No dad thinks a man is good enough for his daughter."

Andrew hated the smell of Jen's shampoos and lotions.

He liked punk, she liked Justin Timberlake.

"You can't boss Jen around," said Andrew.

Bachelor Breakup!
Say it ain't so! Days after Trista and Ryan's wedding, reality TV's other hot couple, Andrew Firestone and Jennifer Schefft, suddenly split

They seemed so meant for each other. But The Bachelor's Andrew Firestone and his fiancée, Jennifer Schefft, have called off their 10-month engagement. "It is totally amicable," said Firestone in a statement. "Our future goals are different."

The future loomed only as a storybook ending in May when Firestone, 28, a California vintner and millionaire, offered a rose and a 2.8-carat engagement ring to Schefft, 27, a Chicago account executive. (Neither will say if she gave the ring back.) "Our love for each other was genuine," said Schefft, "but we confronted the same challenges as any other couple trying to make a relationship work." Such as? They aren't talking, and both are under contract to the show through May 17. But their roommate Kevin Krystofiak says the two walked away "feeling good towards one another."

Now that the fairy tale has fizzled, can an Andrew & Jen Breakup Special be far behind? "There are no plans," says a rep for the producers. And yet...similar tell-alls aired after the breakup of the first two Bachelor couples: Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh and Aaron Buerge and Helene Eksterowicz.

...And in Other Heartbreak News

After the marital rift brought on by his involvement with 20-something Canadian Jenny Perzow, Ethan Hawke, 33, and his wife of five years, Uma Thurman, 33, tried to work things out. But a source close to the couple said this week that "attempts at a reconciliation failed." Hawke stays in a funky New York hotel, where his mother and his children's nannies have visited.

Minnie Driver, 33, and her 21-year-old tennis pro boyfriend, Robby Ginepri, have called an end to their love match. The British actress hooked up with the Marietta, Ga., resident in June after watching him play in a London tournament. A rep for Ginepri says the split was mutual and "due to the demands of both of their successful careers."

As successful movie directors, Spike Jonze, 34 (Adaptation), and his wife, Sofia Coppola, 32 (Lost In Translation), spent a lot of time apart working on different movies. That separation finally took its toll, according to Coppola's rep: On Dec. 4 the couple announced a wrap to their 4½-year marriage.

Just days ago, Nicole Kidman's ex Tom Cruise confirmed to CNN's Larry King that "she is with Lenny. Lenny Kravitz." Over Thanksgiving, Kidman, 36, flew to Miami Beach to spend the holiday with Kravitz, 39, and attend the 15th-birthday party of his daughter Zoë, where the actress gave the teen diamond and gold chandelier earrings. But now a Kravitz family friend says romance is no longer in the mix. "BRACKET "Nicole and Lenny"] like each other," says the friend, "but they are not in a romantic relationship." Adding to the confusion, a few days later at a party at Miami's Shore Club, Kravitz was spotted with a Brazilian artist by the name of Isis Arruda. "They were making out," says one eyewitness. "It was quite romantic." If the new year turns out to hold nothing more than friendship for Kravitz and Kidman, they may still make beautiful music together. Says the friend: "Nicole is talking about recording a CD with Lenny in 2004."

Ozzy Osbourne broke eight ribs, his collarbone and a vertebra in an accident while riding an all-terrain vehicle on his British estate Dec. 8, leaving the rocker, for the moment, speechless. After emergency surgery, a tube inserted in his throat to help him breathe prevented Osbourne, 55, from talking with his wife, Sharon, who flew in from Los Angeles, and daughter Kelly, who was promoting a new single in Britain. Recovery "is going to be slow," according to Dr. Dick Jack, medical director of Wexham Park Hospital. A pretaped MTV Osbourne family holiday special is still scheduled to air Dec. 11.

Justin Guarini: Fallen American Idol?

Justin Guarini seemed poised for stardom after winning second place in last year's American Idol. But he was nowhere to be seen on FOX's American Idol holiday special that aired last month. What's more, he says, neither his record company nor his management will return his phone calls. What happened?

Guarini, who made an appearance in a shopping mall outside Atlanta to sign autographs recently, says contract negotiations kept him from the TV special. "We couldn't come to terms before the show," he says, "so I went on a vacation to New Zealand." Guarini's recording career is heading south as well; his self-titled debut CD sold only 135,000 copies. (By comparison, Idol winner Kelly Clarkson's album, Thankful, moved 1.7 million units; Clay Aiken, this year's Idol runner-up, sold 1.4 million copies of Measure of a Man.) RCA won't comment on reports they will let Guarini's contract expire.

But Guarini, 25, isn't ready to give up the biz. He's in L.A. meeting with executives at The WB about acting gigs (while staying at the home of The Simple Life's Nicole Richie, a friend from his pre-Idol days). And he's hoping to cut a second album. "He's a very talented guy," says Clarkson. "I have no doubt he'll be back in the public eye soon." Guarini has no regrets. "I'm not a believer of doing things over. If we could go back and fix all our mistakes, we'd never learn anything."

Onscreen, The O.C.'s Seth Cohen is hot and cold with his crush, Summer Roberts. Offscreen, the actors who play the couple are warm and cozy. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have been spotted snuggling, though Bilson's rep says they're just friends. For fans who care less about the O.C. dating game, play the O.C. drinking game! More than 50,000 people have checked it out at

Jagger vs. McCartney
Is it in the genes? As young men, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney were rivals; now it seems Mick's daughter, model Elizabeth Jagger, 19, may want to carry on the tradition. British papers quote Jagger dissing Paul McCartney's daughter Stella, 32, a designer. She's "lazy in her designs. It's not enough to rehash trouser suits," says Jagger. "She treats me like a sister and I hardly know her. I hate that rock-chic vibe. I just don't hang out with other kids of rock stars." The press had no response from McCartney.


Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's tempestuous life has hit another stormy patch. On Dec. 7, around 8:30 p.m., the Fulton County, Ga., police responded to a 911 call Houston made from the home outside Atlanta she shares with her husband and their daughter Bobbi Kristina, 10. She told the officers who responded that Brown had struck her in the face with an open hand after an argument, leaving her with a bruise on her cheek and a cut lip. No medical units were called, and Brown, 36, was not at home when police arrived. Houston, 40, told them he had left for the airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles, although Brown's rep insisted later that he was not in California. Authorities treated the incident as a domestic-violence complaint, which means that charges can be filed without the victim's consent, according to police.

This isn't the couple's first run-in with the law. In 2000 Houston was caught trying to fly out of Hawaii with marijuana in her luggage. She pleaded no contest. Brown has been arrested several times, on charges including battery, drunk driving and disorderly conduct. Through most of it Houston has stood by her man. After Brown's arrest in August for violating probation, police said Houston was "ranting about how we need to lock up real criminals"—not her husband.

Oh, to be on Justin Timberlake's Christmas list. After finishing a Dec. 6 concert at London's Earls Court, the singer and an entourage of about 80 friends, cast and crew arrived at Harrods department store at 11 p.m., when it was closed to the public, for a little holiday shopping. The group, which did not include Timberlake's girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, spent about 3½ hours—and close to $1.5 million—buying goodies that reportedly included designer clothes, diamond jewelry, watches, electronic goods and all sorts of high-tech toys. Then they all left on two buses. The following day Timberlake spent the early-morning hours playing a 1 a.m. gig at a smaller hall, the Coronet.


Laura Linney

Laura Linney played two standout roles in two very different movies this season: as a young woman whose concern for her mentally ill brother stymies her romantic life in Love Actually and as Sean Penn's resilient wife Annabeth in Mystic River. Scoop caught up with Linney, 39, in London.

Are you a romantic?
Definitely, very much. Like anybody who has had the great privilege of being in love and loving deeply and being loved deeply, I am equally a romantic and a cynic.

Is there a difference between British men and American men?
British men tend to have better manners. They are a little more thoughtful about certain stuff. America is very casual. And that can be great. But most British men have a sense of what it is to take care of a woman for an evening. They know what to do.

So chivalry isn't dead in Europe?
No. But I haven't dated any British men, so I don't really know [laughs]. That is just what I have seen.

What do you miss about America when you are abroad?
Friends and family...and Krispy Kreme. The subtle things. I have only been here to work. I have said to myself that I am going to try to come here twice a year. It is silly for me not to come here more. The theater is so good.

Some say it's hard to be an intelligent woman in Hollywood. True?
People tell me I am perceived as being smart and I don't even know what that means. I think it does scare people, the definition of it. And I don't suffer fools terribly well. As graciously as I used to anyway. The older you get, it does start to get harder.

What's an average thing that you are really good at?
Laundry. I think there is an art to doing good laundry. I just love the process of it. I find it sort of oddly fascinating and very fulfilling.

...and really bad at?
I am a miserable cook, but I am really trying.


PRICE: about $2.2 million
PLACE: Los Feliz, Calif.
SPECS: Anthony Edwards and his wife, Stila makeup mogul Jeanine Lobell, are selling their 4,800-sq.-ft. home, built in the 1920s, and moving to New York. Best known as Dr. Mark Greene on NBC's ER, Edwards stars next year in the action film Thunderbirds.

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