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updated 12/22/2003 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/22/2003 AT 01:00 AM EST

To Tie For
Ho, ho, bow! Here's a ribbon-winning touch that's adding holiday cheer to Hollywood's holiday gear. Whether it helps keep a coat closed like Mary-Kate Olsen's, creates an empire waist like Sarah Michelle Gellar's or draws the eye to a firm derriere à la Faith Hill, a bow is a whimsical element that adds levity to any ensemble. "It's confectionary," says designer Tracy Feith. "Bows are a perfect finishing and give the feel of a gift." A fitting way to present yourself this season.

Behind the Seams

Something's Gotta Give star Amanda Peet gave onlookers a whole lotta lovely in a festooned Chanel at the film's L.A. premiere.

LOOT STRENGTH: The winner of 2003's most original gift bag goes to Swag Bags' Japanese-themed loot given at the Last Samurai premiere on Dec. 1. VIPs like Annette Bening and Will Smith took home a silk duffel that included a crystal-studded obi, a year of sword-swinging fitness classes, body products and tea. Samurai star Tom Cruise got a swankier tote, containing a 2,000-year-old Roman coin necklace. Extra credit for ancient freebies....

Filled with fans, fashion, body products and more, the Last Samurai gift bag was worth over $4,000.

BABY BLUES: When mini Gwynie's belly began to grow, she ordered 10 larger-than-normal pairs of her fave Blue Cult jeans. Puzzled, the company complied. Once the news broke, the preggers Paltrow called back, "That's why I asked for bigger sizes!"...

BLEND IT LIKE BECKHAM: Britain's most famous metrosexual, David Beckham, may be married to Posh, but he can shop like a veteran bargain hunter. The soccer star scores XCD, a new, hip line of manly face products, at discount pharmacies. He's a big fan of their tinted moisturizer, self-tanner and eye cream. Those not confident in their masculinity need not apply....

XCD Improver tinted moisturizer, $15,

I DO...HAVE SUPER GLUE AND MINTS!: Trista Rehn had 32 fewer things to worry about on her big televised day thanks to star stylist Phillip Bloch's gift—the BridesMade Wedding Day Essentials Kit. It holds everything from standard sundries to a stain remover, double-sided tape, spare novelty rings, glue and, of course, tissues. The kit, which Bloch helped create, even has Mylanta, because if the whole country were watching you wed, you'd need it.

BridesMade Wedding Day Essentials Kit, $60;

Warm Fuzzies
Why are stars getting so wrapped up in this winter's hottest scarves? They're crafty, colorful, homespun and super soft. Worn long and loose, these neck warmers are great for nuzzling. Debra Messing, who's allergic to most natural fibers, revels in the trend—she owns several Fyvebydora scarves made from ultraplush synthetic material. That's nothing to sneeze at.

Fyvebydora scarf, $225; Fred Segal Melrose, 323-651-4129.


Ultimate Shaving Set
Why they love it: This mucho macho kit includes shaving cream, a cooling aftershave gel and an enriching moisturizer that helps men save face.

Who loves it: Justin Timberlake, Luke Wilson, David Duchovny Where to get it: $39, 877-310-8442.

Makeover of the Week PARIS HILTON

The Simple Life's scantily clad Paris Hilton at the May 31 MTV Movie Awards...

...and with daddy Rick Hilton in an image-altering Richard Tyler suit at the show's Dec. 2 premiere.

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