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updated 01/12/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/12/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST


Claim to fame: Ex-wife of disgraced '80s televangelist Jim Bakker.

Since then: Married Roe Messner, a contractor; wrote 2003 memoir.

Worst Surreal experience: Visiting a nudist resort. "I ran out of there with tears on my face."

Best experience: "One night we made s'mores. We were all just being ourselves."

Next up: While shopping a new daytime show, she'll undergo tests for possible recurrence of colon cancer she fought seven years ago.


Claim to fame: Hot-tub hottie on MTV's The Real World 12: Las Vegas in the summer of 2002.

Since then: Posed for and performed a monologue in an Off-Broadway show.

Worst Surreal experience: Getting chastised by visiting celeb Sally Jessy Raphaƫl for her drinking. "She hurt my feelings."

Biggest regret: Coming on to house-mate Rob Van Winkle: Flirting "is cool, but it was wrong because he's married."


Claim to fame: Baywatch babe.

What she's done lately: Made the comedy Malibooty; got divorced from musician Robb Vallier and engaged to Smith Barney investment banker John Yarbrough.

Why she went Surreal: "To show the world I'm not the bimbo everyone thinks I am. And if I am, that's still okay."

Next up: Starting a family with Yarbrough after they wed next fall. "He's just flawless from head to toe, with huge muscles."


Claim to fame: Rapper Vanilla Ice in the '90s.

Since then: Still tours (though "my music is totally different now"); lives in Florida with wife Laura and kids Dusti Rain, 5, and Keelee Breeze, 3.

Worst Surreal experience: Delivering brownies to neighbors. "This lady answers the door, says, 'Sorry, I don't like celebrities.' "

Best: Got to spy on neighbor J.Lo with telescope. "I zoomed to the back porch and saw her walk


Claim to fame: Star of more than 1,600 porn movies.

Since then: Has scored bit parts in R-rated fare (Reindeer Games, Ronin); promoted a men's, um, enhancement product called VigRX.

Favorite Surreal housemate: Tammy Faye. "She's so accepting of people. I'm crazy about her."

What's next: "I still have a valid teaching license," says the former special ed teacher. "But if parents see me with a kid, they'll want to call 911."


Claim to fame: Frank "Ponch" Poncherello on NBC's CHiPs (1977-83).

Since then: Acted in a Mexican soap opera, did B-movies, wed third wife Nanette, with whom he has a daughter, Francesca, 4.

Best Surreal moment: "Vanilla Ice told me I was his mentor. That was really nice."

Latest gigs: Selling autographed $20 "Ponch" bobble-head dolls on his Web site ("A lot of cops buy 'em"); starring in Old Navy commercials.

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