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Britney Spears still has fans standing behind her after this "wild wedding." We just have to remember that as young adults we do crazy and spontaneous things, and most of the time all we can do is laugh about it in the end.
Lanisha Dorsey
Seaside, Calif.

The only thing Britney is guilty of is being 22 years old and having the time of her life. You go, girl!
Edie McRee
Birmingham, Ala.

I'm 36 and the mother of five girls. Britney is young, beautiful, sexy and having a ball. I just wish I could have been so free. Hell, give me her money and I'd go have a ball with her.
Lesa Moore
Medford, Ore.

She's just a kid with little guidance and too much money, but Britney will recover. The one to feel sorry for is her ex—husband, Jason. My bet is his life won't ever be normal again.
Jennifer A. Killam
La Cañada, Calif.

Britney is clearly desperate to cling to the final 15 minutes of her mercifully short career. By rewarding her insipid publicity stunt with a PEOPLE cover, you're leading her to believe that the public has any interest in the exploits of this overhyped, undertalented celebrity du jour.
Chase McCown
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Long ago Britney stopped being any kind of good or decent example for young girls. She's resorted to being a bad girl to remain visible.
Deborah Williams
Georgetown, Texas

Is she over the edge? Yes, yes and yes. Marriage is a serious endeavor and not to be taken as a joke. Britney and Jason, I say, "Grow up. You're adults. Start acting like it."
Victoria Runquist
Pioneer, Calif.

I think Montel Williams is truly a courageous man to be so open about his multiple sclerosis in his book Climbing Higher. I was diagnosed with MS two years ago at age 25, after losing vision in my right eye. It's helpful to hear that others experience the same difficulties every day but are determined to overcome them. I'm a first-grade teacher and plan on chasing around kids for many years to come. Like Montel said, "I have MS. MS does not have me."
Courtney Kohanski
Aurora, Ohio

I just read your book excerpt about Montel Williams. He wanted to kill himself and what did he have to live for? Oh please, he has four children to live for. He makes multiple sclerosis sound like a death sentence. I have MS and there are problems, but you deal with what you've been handed. I've never read such a ridiculous cry for attention in my life. Come on, Montel. You were diagnosed five years ago. Get it together and stop whining!
Jennifer Reich
Elka Park, N.Y.

I commend the legal guardians of Marcus Dixon for staying strong. It must be hard to see him imprisoned for the aggravated molestation of a 15-year-old white classmate. These sentences are meant to protect society, but what about a 19-year-old in prison on a he-said, she-said case? Who is protecting him? I agree with the statement that if Marcus were white, this would not have gone as far as it did. Good luck with your appeal, Marcus. I will pray that you get some justice.
Noel Fredette
Ridgecrest, Calif.

For years I've been taking my pets to the Animal Medical Center in New York City. From the minute you walk in the door you are met with kindness and understanding from the entire staff. Thank you so much for your profile and to the Animal Medical Center, who helped save Uncle Faff, the best friend a girl could ever ask for.
Celeste Picco
New York, N.Y.

I was outraged to read the quote from one of the Animal Medical Center veterinarians: "That line between animal and person is getting cloudy." What a total insult that quote is. And what kind of lunacy is PEOPLE promoting? Are animals citizens? Can they vote, read, write, serve on a jury, fight for our country's freedom, invent technology, explore space, compose music or build libraries, schools and museums? They're just animals. We eat them, remember?
April Pedersen
Reno, Nev.

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