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originally published 02/09/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

A Little Bit Kooky
Although she's expecting her first child with husband Daniel Zelman this spring, Debra Messing once had a very different domestic arrangement in mind. "I grew up in the days of Donny Osmond and Shaun Cassidy. They had a power over me that I was not capable of overcoming," says Messing, 35. "Donny was a huge part of my childhood. I told myself I was going to marry him someday. Then he got married to a woman named Debra [Glenn]. I was convinced that I was the Debra and it was a parallel-life thing. I've had the opportunity to tell Donny about this. He was sufficiently freaked out."

Star Ledger
New Zealander Martin Henderson had a rough start when he moved to L.A. a few years ago. "I slept on friends' couches and ate refried beans. My mom sent me money for a car, but the cops impounded it because I had no insurance," says Henderson, 29, who costars in the action flick Torque. "I walked two hours to an audition once and was so sweaty that someone said, 'Oh, you guys from New Zealand don't shower.' " But his Aussie pal Heath Ledger came to the rescue. "I was flat broke and Heath was doing The Patriot," says Henderson. "At a New Year's Eve party he handed me a little envelope. He had saved all his per diem from the film. I'm lucky to have him in my life."

Sticky Situation
How did Monk star Tony Shalhoub like directing his wife, Brooke Adams, in his new mockumentary Made-Up? "It was the only time in our 11-year marriage that I was able to get her to do what I wanted," says a laughing , Shalhoub, 50. In the film, Adams plays a middle-aged woman who gets a nonsurgical makeover, including a fake face-lift with clear adhesive tape that pulls the flesh back with rubber bands strapped to a wig. "I did a similar thing when I was in Galaxy Quest," says the Emmy winner. "They actually glued back my flesh to take out wrinkles so I could appear as my character 15 years earlier. I looked a little like Liberace."

The Bachelorette
Her character, Charlotte, finally found the man of her dreams on Sex and the City, and Kristin Davis hopes she'll be as lucky after the HBO series wraps on Feb. 22. "Let's pray that's what happens," says Davis, 38, who's single—though the tabloids don't seem to understand that. "They wrote that I wanted to move to London to be with my boyfriend, which is nuts. I have a friend who's an actor in England [Band of Brothers' Damian Lewis], but he's not anyone I'm about to move across the ocean to be with." At least, the actress adds with a laugh, "my alter ego is having a relationship.

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