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originally published 03/01/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

Thank God Jennifer and Ben are over! They seem like wonderful people, but as a couple they were a disaster waiting to happen. Hopefully they'll find other partners who will love them for who they are, not what they can be turned into (as Jennifer attempted with Ben).
Andrea Chaffe
Madison, Wis.

I just knew this was going to happen. Look at Jen's track record: She already gave up two great husbands. It's a good thing it happened now instead of after they were married. Ben, you're too good for her. Find someone who really wants to settle down.
Judy Young
Schenectady, N.Y.

Would someone please tell Jennifer that she doesn't have to marry everyone she goes out with.
Charlene Thompson
Winnipeg, Man.

Enough about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. I'm sick of it. First we had to read about them dating, then being engaged, then the wedding plans, then the cancellation, then the breakup, then the reconciliation, then the second (and hopefully final) breakup, and now the whys and wherefores. Who cares?
Mary Majorwitz
Reliant Park, Texas

As for Jen and Ben's breakup, I think it's for the best. Jen might come with some baggage, but Ben Affleck is so screwed up his issues have issues.
Christina Marshall
Ann Arbor, Mich.

After I read your story about Teresa Heinz Kerry, I thought, that's the woman we Kerry supporters know and love. Outspoken, funny, passionate—just a regular wife who happens to have $550 million, knows five languages and works for charitable causes around the world, a woman who will get off a bus in the middle of nowhere to buy a $20 pair of gloves and shop—all the while wearing her Chanel pumps. What a kick.
Sandy Todd
Florence, Ore.

Richard Cohen has faced devastating diseases—multiple sclerosis and colon cancer—with dignity, humor and with no bid for sympathy. He and his wife, The View's Meredith Vieira, maintain a strong marriage and commitment to their family. His children may never see him play soccer, but he teaches them grace and honor daily. Kudos to the Vieira-Cohen family and all those who meet life's trials with quiet courage.
Pam Northrip
Seattle, Wash.

Richard Cohen and Meredith Vieira's undying love is something most people will never experience in their lifetimes. They are truly soulmates. I would wish them the best, but they already have it.
Bonnie Daniel
Vashon, Wash.

Captain Kangaroo brought a caring and stability to my childhood that my parents could not always provide. Thank you, Bob Keeshan; you'll always be a shining part of my childhood memories.
Lisa Phillips
McIntyre, Ga.

Scarlett Johansson is 19, correct? So can we assume that the glass of bubbly she is holding at a Golden Globes party is merely sparkling cider?
Jim Sanfilippo
San Diego, Calif.

I was touched by your story about Brian Alaniz and Eric Alva, two servicemen who lost legs to land mines in Iraq—they were among the war's first casualties—and who went through the pain and frustration of recovery together. I was inspired by their strength, undeniable courage and unfailing friendship. Their story makes me proud to be an American. Thank you to all who are serving our country and to all your families for their numerous sacrifices.
Andy Sendejo
Buda, Texas

Diane Keaton is back on top? Diane Keaton makes a big comeback? She never went away. Thank you for a truly wonderful article about a truly wonderful actress. If I had any more admiration and love for this woman I would simply explode.
Erick Fortmann
Vernon Hills, Ill.

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