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As we approach our 30th-anniversary issue (April 12), we take a look back at some of our most memorable covers. Evidently we've always had an eye for the laddies. Soon-to-be law student John F Kennedy Jr. topped our 1986 list of eligible celebrity men. A year before that, a passion-inspiring photo of Mel Gibson kicked off what would become one of our most popular annual issues, "The Sexiest Man Alive."

June 23, 1986
Best pickup line: When a girl approaches John F. Kennedy Jr. at a bar, we reported, "he says shyly, 'Hi, I'm John.' "

August 12, 1985
Quintessential leading man Rock Hudson shocked the world by announcing he had AIDS. Two months later he was dead.

February 4, 1985
"Being a star," Mel Gibson said to our reporter, means being "a target."

May 11, 1985
"I've been called a tramp, a harlot, a slut," Madonna told us. "If people can't get past that superficial level of what I'm about, fine."

January 12, 1987
"Stedman Graham, her boyfriend, sometimes stays over," we wrote, "but Oprah would like it pointed out...the apartment has three bedrooms."

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