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Big Night

The speech? Just the beginning. From party to party, Oscar's winners painted the town gold

First he bowled over Hollywood with his work in Mystic River. Then, he went bowling with his family Oscar morning. After a few frames with Susan Sarandon and sons Miles, 11, and Jack Henry, 14, Robbins pinned down Best Supporting Actor honors and surprised everyone by not talking politics onstage. Perhaps he was too famished to form an opinion—following a stop at the Governors Ball, he went for some Mystic Pizza at the Vanity Fair party at Mortons, wolfing down at least six mini slices. "He was hungry," said a server. And who knew the actor was a closet O.C. fan? "I've watched your show, man," he told The O.C.'s Peter Gallagher. No word on if he's into Gilmore Girls.

Oscar's It Girl celebrated even before winning Best Actress honors when 25 friends and relatives gathered at her L.A. home to swig Cristal before the show. "We had a big toast in our bedroom," says boyfriend Stuart Townsend, "about how we're all lucky to know her and how she deserves this." After the Awards she was fashionably late to the Governors Ball, sweeping in with Oprah Winfrey on her arm. Therein, Theron devoured praise and most of her beau's dessert. At midnight, it was on to the Vanity Fair bash at Mortons (where she let a fan hold her Oscar) and honcho Rick Yorn's after-after-party, which Theron and Townsend departed around 6 a.m.—after wolfing down waffles with strawberries, bacon and quiche.

Elton's not the the only game in town. Also on the party marathon: Benicio Del Toro, Jude Law, Katie Holmes, Kelly Osbourne, Scarlett Johansson, OutKast's Andre 3000 and Jared Leto hit the after-after-party thrown by power players Mike DeLuca, Patrick Whitesell and Rick Yorn in the Hollywood Hills. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew Perry stayed nearly till dawn....

007 times two! Hostess Dani Janssen cooked for Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan—plus Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson—at her annual A-list party in her Century City penthouse....

Wyclef Jean performed at the Children Uniting Nations Oscar Gala in West Hollywood....

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY'S East Coast Oscar-night affair, at Elaine's in Manhattan, featured Chris Noth and Edie Falco....

Jeffrey Katzenberg's Night Before bash on Oscar eve drew Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise and raised $3.5 million for the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

Was that presumptive Best Actor winner Sean Penn having a casual lunch at the Ivy a couple of hours before showtime, prompting gawkers to wonder, "Hey, doesn't he have to be somewhere?" No worries: Penn made it in time to cop his prize and catch the action at the Governors Ball along with fellow winner and Mystic River costar Tim Robbins. Later he also caught his mom, Eileen Ryan, who tripped on the way out but was saved by her quick-thinking lad (Oscar firmly in one hand, he managed his heroics with the other). So is the formerly poison Penn now all cuddly-cuddly with Hollywood? Not quite: He didn't stop to pose for pictures on the way in to the Vanity Fair party and got booed by his traditional enemy—photographers.

Runaway favorite Renée was relaxed as could be—at least at Saturday's loosey-goosey Max Awards, hosted by her Miramax pal Harvey Weinstein. Next day, Nervous City—until she copped Best Supporting Actress early in the show. After a stop at the Governors Ball she left early for the Vanity Fair party, where she drew well-wishers like a zapper draws flies. So busy was she accepting congratulations she hardly noticed her best supporter—musician beau Jack White—slip away. "Where is he?" she asked, scanning the room. Once he returned, though, he had her at hello.

Lucky Charms

How about a hobbit in your pocket? To improve their odds, some celebs tried to influence fortune

"I always have on my little trinkets," he said. "I'm wearing some sort of cute Band-Aid from my daughter [Lily-Rose, 4] on my finger."

The Whale Rider star held her hair back with a whale-shape clip created by a friend of her makeup artist. "But my real good luck charm is my mum."

The LOTR director pinned on a button created by an online fan club. He also carried a penny from his limo driver. "He said, 'Put this in your pocket,' so I did."

The Lord of the Rings wizard tried for a double whammy with a red-spangled Mardi Gras bracelet on his wrist and a large splinter of New Zealand greenstone (called "pounamu") around his neck.

Last-Minute Diet Secrets

So much couture, so little time. Stars share their Oscar week slimming tips

Robin Williams
I can eat pretty much anything. I ride bikes—I'm a bike-sexual. I ride hard, I ride long. I go long distances on a bike. I'm sponsored by Viagra, which means I don't need a kickstand.

Sandra Bullock
"I sabotage myself. Before I put myself into an outfit, I just start to eat a lot. I don't know what's wrong with me"

Emma Thompson
"I try not to eat sugar, and I don't eat bread and biscuits. Actually, to be frank, I really don't eat any of the things I love, which is unfortunate. But I will get back to ice cream soon, which is my favorite food."

Tyra Banks
The Atkins diet is great for losing weight for the Oscars. But the thing to remember is you can eat whatever you want to on the actual day of the Oscars; it doesn't matter at that point.

Melissa Rivers
"I limit my caloric intake and work out like crazy. I try to eat really clean the week prior. I always substitute one meal for just a salad with dressing on the side, and I dip my fork in the dressing."

Dave Navarro & Carmen Electra
"We always cut carbs. That way, we are always camera-ready. And every now and then we slip up, but you have to"

Tara Reid
"I won't eat that morning, and that week I will only eat protein—egg whites and chicken. It makes a big difference. You look hot for a week, but you gain it all back the next. I also drink way more water."

Vivica A. Fox
"I pop herbal laxatives and drink as much coffee as I can to flush everything out"

Behind the Scenes

During the ceremony, Julia Roberts relaxed at the bar, sipping champagne and chatting with Access Hollywood preshow host Billy Bush. Joking with Bush about his new haircut and the Oscar gift basket, she paused when a shy young fan approached. "You look pretty," Roberts told the girl, prompting an awed, "Thank you!" before the giddy child rushed away.

Next to all those Lord of the Ringers running back and forth from the stage, the most winded celeb at the Oscars had to be Oprah Winfrey. In town to introduce Mystic River at the ceremony and tape an Oscar-themed show, she partied at Jeffrey Katzenberg's Night Before bash, interviewed stars on the red carpet, escorted Charlize Theron to the Governors Ball and partied some more with pal Gayle King at the Vanity Fair shindig. The next morning, she broadcast her talk show live from the stage of the Kodak Theatre.

At a late-night bash, Jack Osbourne, still fresh from rehab, laid down the law about staying sober. "No, for the third time," he told a glass-toting waitress, "I don't want a shot."

Over a pre-Awards breakfast, Supporting Actress nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo enjoyed French toast, fresh strawberries and her husband's profession of love. "I told her I loved her 300 times," says Houshang Touzie. "It took me 12 minutes." For Touzie, 300 is a magic number. To persuade Aghdashloo to move to L.A., he sent her a card with the word "come" written 300 times. That did the trick.

At the Vanity Fair party, Jon Voight said he watched his daughter Angelina Jolie, from whom he remains estranged, present an award on TV. "It was nice to see my beautiful daughter's face," he said. "She looks great. I certainly will wave if I see her."

Adrien Brody's breath-spray gag on the podium was every bit as impromptu as his memorable liplock last year with Halle Berry. "I walked in [to the green room] and said, 'Who uses Binaca these days?' " he said. "One of the makeup artists had it." As for why he didn't try to reprise the Berry moment with Charlize Theron, Brody says, "I don't like to do repeat performances."

She may have played a kid in Freaky Friday, but Jamie Lee Curtis is all woman—and all business—when it comes to Hollywood's glitziest night. At the Governors Ball, she handed out preprinted "Credit Cards" with her information on it: Dress (Monique Lhuillier); Shoes (Manolo Blahnik); Styling (Jane Ross); Jewelry (Cathy Waterman). "I figured it would save everyone time," says the actress as she pulled one out of her purse, then dashed off.

Seven-year-old Emma Bolger will remember her Oscar night for more than just the pomp and glitter. "My tooth fell out during the show!" said the In America starlet. "I was eating chicken and I felt something hard, and there's the tooth." Brandishing her treasure high in the air, she added, "I'm putting it under my pillow tonight."


One more time, people. For the record, here's how the stars with oft-mangled names would like to be addressed:

Shohreh Aghdashloo: "Shore-RAY Aug-DOSH-loo"

Djimon Hounsou: "JIE-men UN-soo"

Charlize Theron: "Shar-LEEZ Ther-en" (rhymes with heron)


"We're going to get them together in a little room, turn out the lights, light some candles, see what happens. Little Oscars, wouldn't that be scary?"
Tim Robbins, on the matching set of Oscars he and mate Susan Sarandon now share

"After I came to the sound check this afternoon, I realized I was 41 when she was born. It was very depressing."
Elton John on 17-year-old British soul sensation Joss Stone, before their duet at his party

"My breath smells like M&Ms."
Patricia Clarkson to a pal at the show

"No, I am just going to take all my clothes off and do it naked."
Alison Krauss on whether she planned to change her gown between her two musical numbers

"I think Dolce actually stands for tight, and Gabbana stands for comfortable."
Anne Hathaway on her Dolce & Gabbana dress

"I did 200,000 crunches."
Bill Murray on how he got pumped up for the Oscars

"My lips are getting tired."
Liv Tyler on smiling her way down the red carpet

"There is a tape situation in here that a mathematician couldn't figure out."
Aisha Tyler on her low-cut Bill Blass outfit

"I am really proud of my boys."
Clint Eastwood on Sean Penn's and Tim Robbins's wins

Top 5 Funniest Oscar Lines

5. "Gigli's the first DVD where the director's cut is going to be two hours shorter."
Billy Crystal

4. "No need to thank your parakeet. You're boring. Look at Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's snoring."
Jack Black and Will Ferrell's ode to long-winded winners

3. "For the very first time we're being simulcast in Aramaic."
Billy Crystal

2. "Don't worry, they have me under a restraining order."
last year's kissy-kissy Oscar winner Adrien Brody

1. "God, this sunburst nipple brooch is killing me."
Billy Crystal guessing what Julie Andrews was thinking

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