Survey Says

updated 03/15/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/15/2004 AT 01:00 AM EST

Who was the best-dressed?
Charlize Theron 37%
Renée Zellweger 23%
Nicole Kidman 22%
Naomi Watts 12%
Scarlett Johansson 6%

Who was the worst-dressed star?
Diane Keaton 50%
Uma Thurman 36%
Kelly Lynch 7%
Samantha Morton 7%

Were you happy with Billy Crystal as host?
Yes 87%
No 13%

How would you grade the show?
A 31%
B 42%
C 17%
D 6%
F 4%

How would you rate the show's tone?
Just right 67%
Too sedate 26%
Too racy 7%

What was your favorite moment of the evening?
Billy Crystal's opening film 41%
Jack Black and Will Ferrell's song 34%
Adrien Brody's pre-kiss Binaca spray 19%
Bill Murray's jokey intro to Lost in Translation 6%

Did The Lord of the Rings deserve its 11 Oscars?
Absolutely 75%
No way 25%

Did Charlize Theron's speech make you teary?
No 55%
Yes 45%

Should Diane Keaton get a makeover?
Yes, and fast! 56%
No, we like her just the way she is! 44%

Was the telecast too long?
Yes 52%
No 48%

Who gave the best acceptance speech?
Charlize Theron 36%
Sean Penn 21%
Tim Robbins 19%
Renée Zellweger 16%
Sofia Coppola 8%

What would you cut from the show to make it shorter?
The replay of the scientific and technical awards 48%
Awards for short films and sound design 19%
The musical acts 19%
The tributes 9%
The clips of every best-film nominee 5%

Which musical number was the best?
Annie Lennox (Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King) 40%
Alison Krauss and Sting (Cold Mountain) 19%
Benoit Charest and Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville) 17%
Mitch & Mickey (A Mighty Wind) 17%
Alison Krauss and the Sacred Harp Singers (Cold Mountain) 7%

Who should host next year's Oscars?
Billy Crystal 63%
Steve Martin 13%
Ellen DeGeneres 12%
Chris Rock 7%
Jon Stewart 5%

How do you prefer Johnny Depp?
Clean-cut with a close shave 63%
Scruffy with a bit of facial hair 37%

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