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updated 05/03/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/03/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Dressed for Success


Braces, bullies and bratty boys—what's to like about being 13? Nothing, according to Jenna Rink (a.k.a. Jennifer Garner), who makes a wish and wakes up 17 years later as a top fashion editor with a killer wardrobe and fabulous accessories.

Her gig at a major magazine gives her "all-access to the big fashion league," says the film's costumer, Susie DeSanto, and "with her 13-year-old spirit, it's like playing dress-up."

Jenna the elder's closet holds 133 pairs of shoes, 75 bags and 15 watches.

Although Jenna adores designer duds, Garner, 32, is a more reluctant fashionista: "I'm learning to love it. I'm surrounded by beautiful clothes, and they're available to me." After filming, she kept Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana dresses and more. Which any 13-year-old—or 30-year-old—would think was totally cool.

Chanel quilted leather bag, $995, and resin sunglasses, $290; Chanel, 800-550-0005.

Tarina Tarantino coral resin flower necklace, $38; Jennifer Kaufman, 310-854-1058.

Gina gold and crystal heels, $460;

Charriol stainless steel and crocodile watch, $1,590; Bloomingdale's, 800-555-SHOP.

Behind the Seams

Where'd our little Lacey go? The onetime Party of Five star is now old enough to party legally. At 21, Lacey Chabert shows she's a full-blown woman in a body-hugging Dior by John Galliano at the L.A. premiere of Mean Girls.

LIP SERVICE: You won't see Tom Cruise wearing Lola Cosmetics' new lipstick, but you can bet he appreciates the shade. That's because all proceeds from the sale of Lola's H.E.L.P. Creme Lipstick benefit a group he's on the board of—the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, which helps develop learning skills. The case is special too—it comes with a mirror and a tiny crystal....

Lola's H.E.L.P. Creme Lipstick available May 1, $20;

THEY'VE GOT GOOD JEANS: How do Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt look so darn good? For one thing, they know cool denim when they see it. The pair recently bought matching Kunna jeans by Japanese designer Hiroaki Morise. The new line has a vintage feel and is given a special wash for a crinkle effect. Kunna means "to be able to" in Swedish—we can only hope we're able to look as good as Jen and Brad do in them....

Kunna jeans, hers $150, his $166; S2 at Fred Segal, 323-651-1935.

BACKING ZAC: P. Diddy's fashion empire is spreading its lapels. The savvy businessman-rapper-guy-with-a-manservant and his $450 million Sean John clothing company are investing in hip young designer Zac Posen (who's favored by Demi Moore, Halle Berry and Natalie Portman, his muse). Posen, we hear, will not have to change his name to Z. Posie....

LIKE BEE-YONCE TO HONEY: A sure way to catch a girlfriend's attention? Lavish her with gifts. Jay-Z did when he popped into the L'Occitane store in Troy, Mich., and bought a basketful of Beyoncé's favorite honey products, including Honey Body Balm, Honey Body and Hair Foaming Jelly and Honey Incense Sticks, which he had wrapped up and sent to his love. Sweet enough to catch a fly girl.

The goods from Jay-Z's basket ranged from $16-$33;


Beaded tees have come a long way, baby, from the Bedazzler's tack-on gems and random patterns that looked like they'd been applied with a buckshot rifle. In fact, today's bejeweled tops are romantic, pretty and all about subtle detailing. San Francisco designer Rebecca Beeson's pastel Empire waist tees have sparked Brittany Murphy to pick one up. Cameron Diaz bought it in pale blue; Salma Hayek has one in both pink and off-white. And so, the bead goes on...

Rebecca Beeson beaded tees, $80 each; 415-865-0471.

Shades of Cool

What do Renée Zellweger and Charlize Theron have in common besides winning Oscars? They've both been seen sporting La Donna sunglasses, the hottest shades from Oliver Peoples by Larry Leight. No hiding behind these oversize sunnies when you look this good.

La Donna sunglasses, $225;

I really LOVE my...

CHARM NECKLACE. Though Rebecca Romijn-Stamos has recently separated from her husband of five years, John Stamos, she seems to be very attached to her charms—perhaps she hopes they'll bring her luck in love? One in particular just might: It's Suzanne Wilson's gold-and-sapphire pendant called Wishing Star.

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