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originally published 07/19/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

It's been 20 years since I've wanted to post a picture of a heartthrob celebrity on my closet door. Quick, someone get me a pair of scissors and tape. And shhh! Don't tell my husband!
Sherry Kostenko
Strongsville, Ohio

I didn't even need to read this issue with Orlando on the cover to know I'd love it. I can't thank you enough for acknowledging the beauty of this man. This edition is going to be a keeper.
Jamie Shinnaberry
Missoula, Mont

I was ecstatic to see Kasey Kahne as one of your eligible bachelors. He's one of Nascar's hottest commodities!
Ginny Landry
Beaufort, S.C.

You outdid yourselves by adding Jeremy Piven to the list. I've been a fan of Jeremy's since his witty, charming and sexy turn in the TV show Cupid.
Ashley Koebel
Horton, Mich.

I screamed the second I saw Ryan Gosling. I'm so glad you finally gave credit to such a great, amazing and gorgeous actor. Bravo, PEOPLE!
Lindsay Greene
Boynton Beach, Fla.

I had the pleasure of meeting Carlos Watson when he and his crew visited our bowling center to film a segment for his CNN show. He was so very courteous and kind to our staff and customers. After spending a very short time with him, it quickly became evident he's genuinely nice and a true gentleman. And that's what makes him a hot bachelor. Of course, the dazzling smile doesn't hurt.
Carla Wiemer
Springfield, Mo.

Thanks for highlighting two all-around great guys. My brother and I went to college with Geoff and George Stults. I was always impressed that both saw the value in completing their degrees before making the leap into acting and modeling. Way to go, Geoff and George!
Lyn Carty
La Habra Heights, Calif.

I thought you had sent me a copy of TEEN PEOPLE by mistake. Where's George Clooney and Bruce Willis? Maturity over inexperience anytime.
Linda L. Shea
via e-mail

It's a good thing PEOPLE has such loyal readers. I couldn't believe that my thorough reading of your Hottest Bachelors issue turned up devoid of any mention of Michael Vartan. Here's hoping to see him next year.
Ann M. Theriot
Washington, D.C.

I'm sorry to say you missed John Mayer. His raw musical talent as well as his boy-next-door good looks alone should have done it.
Maria Serraes
Richmond, Va.

It took smelling salts to revive me after catching Orlando Bloom on your 50 Hottest Bachelors cover. Months of running to the mailbox was well worth the wait.
Jennifer Ricciardo
Hoboken, N.J.

Are celebrities naming children or ingredients in a cake? With names like Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple and now Courteney Cox Arquette's Coco, one has to wonder. How would you like to enter the business world someday and have to introduce yourself as Kiwi or Pear? If you like these names, folks, fine. But please give your kids decent names on their birth certificates and use these as nicknames.
Kelly Drzewiecki
East Granby, Conn.

It was great to see Shannon Faulkner successful, happy and productive in your Fresh Start article. I wonder how much more she could have offered to The Citadel and her country had she been allowed to serve. If any of her tormentors are in the military, one can wonder what their standards of conduct are, considering how they would treat a fellow cadet. Shannon will do great things, either on her own or through her students. Too bad Shannon's short-sighted fellow cadets couldn't see that this lady is worth 1,952 of them.
Terri Hanke
Colby, Kans.

Only two pages on Ray Charles? He was one of the most amazing and talented musicians ever. Despite being blind and black, he overcame obstacles and was known the world over. From one native Georgian to another, your sweet songs will forever keep you on my mind and in my heart.
Angel J. Cole
Jacksonville, Fla.

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