Age of Elegance

updated 08/04/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/04/2004 AT 01:00 AM EDT

This raspberry party dress is "very feminine and has a lot of movement to it," says McAdams, who earned raves in the recent hit Mean Girls. "I felt like I could have eaten ice cream—or gone to a ball! It would also be nice to wear to a wedding."

"In the best dresses, you can move the way you always do. This is one of those dresses"

"I love it when a dress seems to cling to you but not in an uncomfortable way," says McAdams. "This dress is very comfortable but sexy. It sort of looks like an oil painting." When it comes to her personal style, McAdams, who grew up in London, Ont., admits she's usually "in a comfy sweater and a really casual skirt. And my jeans jacket goes everywhere with me." The brown suit (opposite) is "very soft, almost cushy," says McAdams. "I love tweed. And brooches are back big-time."

"Everybody ignores their back. There's something interesting about an outfit with all the detail in back"

"This big, beautiful bow—it illuminates the outfit," says McAdams of the diamond brooch she wears here. The navy sweater, which she deems "very comfortable," might also be paired with jeans and heels, she says. The crocheted top (opposite) seems "risqué and sassy," says McAdams, who "felt a connection to the skirt as soon as I put it on. It's got a life of its own!" Just off the set of The Wedding Crashers, a romantic comedy due in theaters next spring, McAdams concedes she's a bit of a tomboy. "But at the same time," she says, "I love to dress up. I love to accessorize."

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