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originally published 01/23/2006 AT 01:00 AM EST


I look forward to receiving this issue. It's fun to see if you all have the same opinion as me.
Pam Austin
Okarche, Okla.


A truly talented man who gave us all of himself, good and bad, only to make us laugh. There will never be another Richard Pryor.
Merlene Black
Dennard, Ark.

Great tribute to Pryor. He will long be remembered for far more than his capacity to entertain. This was a man who worked tirelessly against animal abuse. So thanks, Mr. Pryor, for the laughs, but also for the inspiration to include all beings, whether they have two legs or four, into our circle of compassion.
Jayn Meinhardt
Cinti, Ohio


Thanks for your wonderful interview with our President and First Lady. It's important to remember that there are both Republicans and Democrats in this country and to include both viewpoints.
Dorrie Deakins
Canyon Country, Calif.

Regal smiles at the White House, down to earth at the Ranch. How nice it might have been if they had taken this opportunity to highlight Christian values by getting out to the homeless centers or working to help the same people they so blatantly used for photo ops after the hurricanes.
Barbara Goetz
Columbia, Md.


I was struck by the photo of Julia Roberts and her children. This beautiful picture shows such contrast between the surreal and real. Glammed-up mommy surrounded by diapered babies and the gear that comes with them. Kudos to Julia for choosing the mommy track.
Catherine Cheek
Fredericksburg, Va.


I'm so excited for Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston of TV's The Biggest Loser. She's adorable, and as Matt got more comfortable in his new body, he became more and more attractive—and not just physically. When Suzy cut Matt's hair and proclaimed him hot, I told my husband that those two needed to get together. They've worked so hard to get healthy. Now they deserve to be happy.
Laurie Tennessen
Monticello, Minn.

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Most of our readers were united in their praise for PEOPLE's tribute to the men and women who died in the line of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan last year.

As tears were rolling down my face, I thought of the families during the holiday season missing their loved ones who will not be coming home for happy times together.
Minneapolis, Minn.

On behalf of all of my family, thank you for honoring my cousin Miguel “Mikey” Terrazas's memory in your story. He was also a wonderful son, brother, grandson and nephew, and above all, an amazing man and soldier. He saved lives and we will forever be proud of him.
El Paso, Texas

Your story really hit home and put a lump in my throat. As a mother, wife and grandmother, I can feel the loss. To see all those names and ages, dying for a cause that some may not understand or support. These brave people should never be forgotten.
Dartmouth, Mass.

In our Jan. 9 tribute to The West Wing's John Spencer, we misidentified the woman in a photo with the actor as longtime girlfriend Patti Mariano. She's actually JoAnn Mariano, Patti's sister. We regret the error. At left is a 2001 picture of John and Patti at the 53rd Emmy Awards in Century City, Calif.

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