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updated 01/23/2006 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/23/2006 AT 01:00 AM EST

High and Mighty
Who needs a red cape to attract attention? The red carpet will do for confident celebs who channel matador chic

•DAYANARA TORRES in Alvin Valley at a charity event in Los Angeles.
NAOMI CAMPBELL in Alexander McQueen at a concert in New York City.
•MARY J. BLIGE at the Third Annual Vibe Awards in Los Angeles.
•CHLOË SEVIGNY in Dolce & Gabbana at an N.Y.C. film premiere.

The reviews are in! Maria Bello looks ravishing in a beaded Elie Saab dress at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards dinner in N.Y.C.

Behind the Seams

CUFF LOVE: Adjustable waistbands never really flew in the fashion world, but Radcliffe Denim's high-low hems are taking off. Available in three styles—skinny, boot cut and slim—the pants can be made longer or shorter depending on your shoes. Feel like heels? Remove the four cufflinks from the hem's invisible buttonholes and your jeans are stiletto-worthy. Back to flats? No prob, just hem 'em up again. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson have the jeans, and that's the long and short of it ….
> Radcliffe Denim, $185;

PICKED POCKETS: They're called Holsters because they help celebs like Jessica Alba and Heather Locklear tote their arsenals: cell phones, iPods, credit cards. You know, the essentials. For clipping onto belt loops or handbags (it can take a week to find car keys in a Balenciaga Weekender!), it gives easy access to the little things. Locklear bought a Holster in python, and Alba opted for one in pink and one in white ….
> Avery Griffin Holsters, $55-$150;

BABY BOOTY: A chic diaper bag is any mom's best supporting accessory—and this one is jam-packed with Grassroots' all-natural baby line and three celebrity-signed onesies. From Jan. 13-22, Grassroots will be auctioning the bag—complete with onesies autographed by Hollywood moms Debra Messing, Courteney Cox Arquette Arquette and Maria Bello—on eBay. All proceeds will go to Save the Children, a children's charity—which really makes this bag a bundle of joy.
> Chocolate Messenger Diaper Bag, $100;; Grassroots baby products, $8.50-$10;


The designers, the divas, the failures, the fashion! Becoming a celeb stylist is laden with drama, and model Rachel Hunter and style guru Phillip Bloch had the good sense to air it on TV. Style Me with Rachel Hunter debuts Jan. 23 at 10 p.m. on the WE network and features 12 star-stylist hopefuls who face challenges—and elimination. The winner lands a talent-agency contract and gets to prep Hunter for a red-carpet appearance.

▪ You judge the wannabes—who's Simon and who's Paula?

Rachel Hunter: “I'd say Phillip is Simon. I've been on both sides of this reality business and have been eliminated [from Dancing with the Stars] so I have a little compassion.”

Phillip Bloch: “I'm more the expert, and I look at this like being a mentor.”

▪ Ever regretted flying sans stylist on the red carpet?

RH: “Pick any photo from the '80s!”

▪ What does it take to be a celeb stylist?

RH: “Individuality, resourcefulness, vision—either you have it or you don't. I saw looks on this show that were great and others I was like, ‘What the …!?’”

▪ But were there catfights?

PB: “Sure there was drama, but it's a fun, upbeat show. We're making the world a better place one pretty dress at a time, one beautiful celeb at a time.”


Livs have all the makings of an It boot: They're comfy, they're ugly and Sienna Miller is wearing them. “It's the new must-have boot,” says Fraser Ross, owner of Kitson boutique, who is credited with making Mukluks superhot. “The crocheted boot is an original concept—they go with everything and they're machine-washable!” Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lopez own Livs, which is a step in the It direction.

Livs boots, $125;

Proof that Usher is out of this world? He bought an “El Rey” belt by Virgins Saints & Angels, a line of handcrafted Mexican accessories “inspired by goddesses.” “El Rey” or “the King” adds a male counterpart to the brand, which has been snapped up by singers from Tim McGraw to Mariah Carey.
> Virgins Saints & Angels' El Rey belt, $264; 310-854-1058.

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