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Siegfried & Roy no longer work the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, but on Jan. 14 Paris Hilton put on a wild show to rival their tigers'. At the gala opening of Jet, Mirage's 20,000-sq.-ft. club, as bikini-clad dancers entertained outside, Paris drew attention away from the laser show inside when she fought loudly on the phone with beau Stavros Niarchos (“I hate you!” one witness heard her shout), then vented her anger in a raunchy dance atop the club deejay's speakers. After 15 minutes a gentlemanly Lukas Haas pulled her down and out of view of dozens of camera-phones trained on the writhing heiress. The fun began early that afternoon as Leonardo DiCaprio (a pal of one of Jet's owners), Shannon Elizabeth, Oliver Hudson, Nicky Hilton and her boyfriend Kevin Connolly competed in a $250,000 poker tournament. Kevin fell out early, but Nicky (with Paris at her side) lasted more than four hours, and Shannon made it to the final table. Over dinner at Stack, Paris and Nicky did shots, Leo hung with Lukas and Ethan Suplee (My Name is Earl), while Enrique Iglesias scarfed steak with guy friends. (His girlfriend Anna Kournikova was, he says, “working in the Cayman Islands.”) After Paris's 3 a.m. performance, Leo invited her, Lukas, Nicky, Kevin, Oliver, Brandon Davis and 40 more revelers to a private villa, where the party continued till dawn.

BREAKTHROUGH B-DAY On Jan. 11 Mary J. Blige thought she was headed to a low-key 35th-birthday dinner with husband Kendu Isaacs at L.A.'s Ortolan. Gotcha! Instead, Chris Rock, Eva Longoria (at right), Angela Bassett and 150 others were there to sing her praises. Says Blige: “I was very surprised.”

PARTY HOPPING: The Foxx Edition

ORTOLAN 9:15 p.m. Jamie Foxx rolls up to Blige's party in a new silver Lamborghini. When no parking valet can figure out how to turn off the headlights, Foxx interrupts his own TV interview to do it himself. After joining in “Happy Birthday,” Foxx calls for his car, clears junk off the passenger seat and gives Longoria a ride to … Memphis 11:30 p.m. He hits Kanye West's fete upstairs; she joins friends downstairs at the new Hollywood eatery. After just 30 minutes Foxx jumps back in the car for the one-block drive to … Mood 12:30 a.m. Here, Foxx, bottle in hand, pours drinks into the mouths of thirsty young women. After lights-up at 2, he's still going.

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