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originally published 01/30/2006 AT 01:00 AM EST

Another inspiring issue! Each of your featured losers should be quite proud of their accomplishments and the encouragement it provides to others, like myself, who struggle with the weight.
Sharon Chalmers
Suwanee, Ga.

During my captivity as an Iraqi POW, I lost 15 lbs. Since my return home, I've regained the 15 plus 10 more. I started working out, but the holiday season put me in a slump, and I didn't know how to get going again. Fortunately, your issue really inspired me to do so. Hopefully I'll be able to send you a picture of me 40 lbs. lighter very soon.
SPC Shoshana Johnson, Ret.
El Paso, Texas

Although I hold all of the people who successfully lost weight in the highest respect, it was ridiculous to put the phrase “No Gimmicks” on your cover. Almost every person in your article participated in a program where they spent hundreds of dollars.
Erin Bennett
Lewisburg, Pa.

I would love to know what magic mojo some of the women represented in your story are having with clothing sizes? I challenge any woman who weighs 170 lbs. To actually fit into a size 10, let alone a 172-lb. Woman fitting into a size 8! Point me in the direction of the nearest women's apparel store that accommodates with these filtered-up sizes.
Lee Ann Buscemi
Orange Park, Fla.

Please tell me that's a Katie Holmes look-alike on page 55. Isn't she pregnant? Most women have the common sense not to partake in activities such as ice skating while expecting a child. It makes me wonder what we'll see Katie doing next. Skydiving? Snowboarding?
Deb Latham
Darien, Conn.

A great hearty congratulations to Sir Elton John and David Furnish on their wedding. If only other countries would join England in recognizing same-sex couples instead of treating them with shame.
Ray D. Workman
San Francisco, Calif.

It's sad to see the world allowing same-sex marriages. If allowed, why not polygamist and intrafamily marriages as well? I'm glad that in the United States marriage still holds ground as a true meaning of the word and is not eroded away.
Kiley Garcilaso
Bitter Creek, Wyo.

Correction In our Dec. 5, 2005 feature “Save Africa's Kids Now,” the last name of Darius Russell was incorrect. He is known as Darius Randall. We regret the error.

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