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I found your cover interesting, and I'll tell you exactly how she's coping. She's divorced Brad Pitt and she's dating the hottest guy in Hollywood, Vince Vaughn. She's doing just fine. Your cover in about two years will read, "How Is Angelina Coping with 10 Kids?" Now that will be good reading.
S. Jones
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In a community plagued with party girls, home wreckers and gold diggers, it's no wonder Jennifer Aniston stands out way above the rest. She's a great role model for women in the 21st century. She has handled her divorce with grace and never seemed to feel sorry for herself. As a fellow divorced woman, I commend her on the integrity she has shown. To have a relationship with a man who is attractive and can make her laugh is a sign that she has struck gold.
Crystal Nicholson
High Point, N.C.

Personally, I think Jennifer Aniston is taking this "poor me" attitude a little too far. She got a divorce. She doesn't own Brad Pitt, so perhaps she should quit whining about her life. It's so sad.

She needs to get over herself. She's just mad because for once, she's not the center of attention.
Erica Baillie
Barrie, Ont.

Jennifer Aniston sounds like she has been dealing with some past issues (her mom) and getting her life on track. You go, girl! When your life changes dramatically, you have to pull yourself up and decide in which direction you want to go. I'd say Jennifer is on her way. Brad who? Who cares? Hats off to you, Jennifer.
Kathy Warren
Tucson, Ariz.

If I see Brad, Jennifer or Angelina on your cover one more time, I'm moving to the North Pole! There are more than three people in the world, you know.
Meridith Ferber
Hudson Valley, N.Y.


Oh, how it saddened me to see the state of Leif Garrett. I was a child of the '70s, and he was one of my idols. At 33, I still melt seeing photos of him with that long blond hair and black leather jacket and pants. Leif, as a fan, I have faith that you can become clean and help others who have fallen in the drug trap. Best of luck.
Shannon Wallace
Windsor, Ill.


I, like Meg Ryan, am adopting a daughter from China. I, along with hundreds of China adoptive mothers, have had to wait an agonizingly long time to bring our children home. The foreign adoption process is very difficult. However, [your story] makes it seem quick and almost effortless. I pray that all children find their Forever Families, but I wish the true story of adoption had been portrayed. I hope you will do a follow-up story about Meg's beautiful new daughter so that the entire process can be explained and not leave readers thinking she made a weekend visit to China and poof, she has a new daughter.
L. Graham
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While many of our readers were fascinated by the medical breakthrough of the world's first face transplant, most were bothered to learn that recipient Isabelle Dinoire, 39, had resumed her smoking habit. "As someone who is no stranger to the struggles of nicotine addiction, I was absolutely shocked to read about Isabelle Dinoire smoking while still recovering," writes Susan Hamilton of Methuen, Mass. "She should be thanking God for sparing her life, not resuming a habit that will eventually take it." Letter writers also expressed concern that Dinoire's smoking seemed disrespectful to the donor, Maryline Saint-Aubert. "Anyone who becomes the recipient of any body part from a donor should be more grateful," writes Alison Martin of Memphis. "I hope Dinoire will realize the second chance at life she has been given and will show more appreciation for Maryline and the life she left behind."

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