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"I can't think of anyone who deserved your cover more. Sometimes we lose the best too soon"
Jacqueline Cunningham
Charleston, S.C.

Thank you for publishing a beautiful tribute to Dana Reeve. Christopher and Dana ignited a torch we are honored to carry. We will go forward to fulfill their mission. The Christopher Reeve Foundation is honored to be the legacy of these two amazing individuals.
Kathy Lewis, President & CEO Christopher Reeve Foundation
Short Hills, N.J.

Superman was married to Superwoman.
Cathleen Schmeisser
Mason City, Iowa

I guess all of us thought Dana would beat the cancer. I was a smoker and once I heard about her, I put down the cigarettes and have not looked back. The blindness that only smokers get this fatal disease should be lifted because of Dana's strong voice. You can now be in your Prince Charming's arms once again.
Tamara Granger
Houston, Texas

I thought it was tacky to place Will Reeve on your cover following the death of his mother. We should give him time to mourn before being placed in the public's eye. Shame on you for exposing this young boy.
Missie Swayze
San Antonio, Texas


A year without shopping? People do it every year in this country, but not by choice. How politically insensitive to let the rest of the world know, Judith Levine, you can choose not to shop. What about the people who have no choice? I hope your book sells. I don't intend to buy it.
Teresa Pruzinsky
Fair Haven, Mich.

Has Levine heard of the library? Books, movies, magazines—and all for free!
Susan Bryant
Robinson, Kans.


I applaud Teri for selflessly revealing her pain and helping to put away Richard Stone, who sexually abused Hatcher when she was a child. As a survivor, it's easy to relate to her struggles in self-blame.
Barbara M. Potvin
South Glens Falls, N.Y.

Gimme a break! Teri claims she didn't come forward sooner because she didn't want people to think she was trying "to resurrect her then-floundering career"? Perhaps if she had exhibited a "gutsy and courageous" attitude sooner, Sarah Van Cleemput, who killed herself after Stone molested her, would still be alive and he would be behind bars.
Tricia Korvemaker
Calgary, Alta.


I was appalled to read about the Black Jack, Mo., families being forced to move out of their homes because they aren't married. Who is City Hall to define marriage? A piece of paper doesn't mean anything—the divorce rate in this country is proof of that.
Sheira Rosenberg
via e-mail

Unmarried couples with children need to realize there are many who still believe in the sanctity of marriage and family. These people should get married and be the families they claim to be. Their illusion is not reality until they do so.
Jennifer Webb
Fishers, Ind.

Final Home for the Forgotten

Across the board, readers applauded and were touched by our coverage of Tim Jaccard's efforts to give proper burials to abandoned babies. Writes Patricia A. Boretzky of Wexford, Pa.:

Never has a story impacted me as much as this one. Tim Jaccard is a guardian angel for these defenseless infants. Not only has he given them a name and a respectful burial at his Island of Hope, he's gone far beyond that by establishing the AMT Children of Hope Foundation. Mr. Jaccard, you are a godsend to those children lost and to children of the future, who because of your love and dedication won't face the same fate.

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