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"Baby Shiloh is a lucky girl! I wish the golden couple much happiness with their three kids"
Wendy A. Gargiulo
Merrick, N.Y.

I can't wait to see what this bundle of joy looks like. She has got to be the most beautiful baby—with two parents who are beautiful both inside and out. This is going to be the most joyful time of their lives. In my life, it was an amazing experience to look down and see what a beautiful and precious gift one creates out of love.
Michele Tingley
Farmington, N.H.

I positively adore Brad and Angelina and applaud their efforts as humanitarians. I wish them the best health and much happiness together.
Jacqueline Stover
Chicago, Ill.

Please! I'm so sick of hearing about Angelina and Brad. I don't care how much money they donate or what good they think they're doing. She is a home wrecker and he a cheat. You can't change the stripes on that cat. I look forward to an article about one of them leaving the other for a "new, improved" model.
D. Battleson
Mount Carmel, Ill.

Great! Yet another baby born out of wedlock. These people read lines for a living; you'd think they'd be able to read the directions on a contraceptive package.
Leona Salazar
Bainbridge Island, Wash.


I am a married mother of two who was raised Catholic and am raising my children Catholic. However, I think that the Catholic Church really needs to get with the times. The fact that Kelly Romenesko was fired from her job as a parochial school teacher for going through in vitro fertilization is ridiculous. Catholicism has a lot of modernizing to do. I wish [church leaders] would open their eyes and add another commandment: "Thou shalt not judge."
Laura Fitzgerald
Harrington Park, N.J.

I have two things to impart to Kelly Romenesko. One, if you sign on to a job, you obey the rules of the company. Two, if you are part of a religion, you obey and respect the rules of that religion. You should not expect your employer or your religion to change their rules to suit you.
Rita Cushing
Somers, N.Y.


It was worth the trip to the dentist's office to see the photo on page 59 of Taylor Hicks on the back of that pickup truck. When will the poster be for sale?
Berta Blackwell
Ozark, Ala.


We received a huge reader response to our story about Lewis, the cat who could have been put to sleep for allegedly attacking three people. "I feel for the cat's owner Ruth Cisero because her neighbors must be idiots," writes Nastassia Yalley of Sherman Oaks, Calif. "Who files a lawsuit just because they got scratched by a cat?" But just as many readers feel Lewis should be held accountable. "If this was a big dog attack, there would be no questions asked," writes Cindy Friesen of Ferintosh, Alta. A Connecticut court settled the matter on June 20, ruling that Lewis can live but must spend the next two years confined to Cisero's home. Meanwhile, Cisero will be required to perform 50 hours of community service. "I'm going to cry," an overjoyed Cisero said as she left the courthouse.

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Correction: In our June 5 issue we identified Drew Lachey's 1992 prom date as now-wife Lea. Drew is actually pictured with friend Samantha Valashinas. Also, in the June 26 issue we misspelled actor Shawn Ashmore's name. We regret the errors.

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