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It's back to business for (really) new mom Angelina Jolie, who helped launch World Refugee Day

Most new mothers can barely find the energy to get dressed. But just weeks after the birth of daughter Shiloh, U.N. goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie managed to fly home from Namibia and stump for a cause that motivates her: refugees. "I am constantly impressed by their tenacity and optimism," Jolie told Scoop June 20 to mark World Refugee Day. "Their journey is a dangerous one, but with every step they carry an unrelenting hope. Every day they spend in exile is a day too long." The actress, mother to adopted son Maddox, 4, and daughter Zahara, 17 months, also sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper to talk about her humanitarian work and her other life's passion—family. With Brad Pitt by her side at Shiloh's C-section delivery, Jolie admits she was "suddenly terrified" of something going wrong. "[But] she's healthy and it was amazing." Jolie also revealed that she and Pitt want to adopt again. "We're looking at different countries."

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Model and Project Runway host Heidi Klum, 33, of the chic and easy pregnancies, is in the family way—again. Her husband, Seal, 43, confirmed to PEOPLE that they're "expecting a new addition to our ever increasing family." The baby will join Klum's daughter Leni, 2, and their 9-month-old son Henry. "We all feel fortunate to be able to share this experience once again." Her rep adds that the proud mama "feels great and is busy filming Project Runway Season 3."


A close source tells Scoop that Heather Locklear and David Spade are still "just friends." But what friends: At West Hollywood eatery Jones on June 14, a witness reports, "They were kissing like a couple of teens."


Taking another ride on the Nick Lachey love carousel: Vanessa Minnillo, who joined the singer in Toronto for the MuchMusic Video Awards. She watched his rehearsal Saturday, they dined at Far Niente that night and, after his Sunday performance, they hit hot spots Ultra Supper Club and the Courthouse. Says a source: "[There was] no hand-holding, just knowing glances."


Paul McCartney wrote the classic "When I'm 64" when he was 16, and the Beatles recorded it eight years later. But when the big day hit on June 18, he didn't shake it up baby or twist and shout. "He's still really cut up over the whole [breakup]," a source says of Sir Paul, who announced his separation from wife Heather, 38, in May. McCartney hosted a small "family affair" on his Peasmarsh estate in Sussex. A highlight? Sources say McCartney's grandchildren presented him with a parody of his famous song, recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

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Clearly, the doctor is in: He's one of the stars of E!'s plastic-surgery reality show Dr. 90210, the man reportedly behind Ashlee Simpson's recent transformation and a fave of stars who prize his tight lips and gift for subtle beak tweaks. "I can fool a mother with my refinements," boasts Beverly Hills-based Dr. Raj Kanodia, 59. "My passion and ecstasy is the nose." At more than $9,000 a pop, Dr. Raj performs about 200 nose jobs a year. Still, "If I don't think I can help, then I say no," he says. "I turn down a lot of noses." As for the "slight hook" on his own nose, he'd have it "fixed in a minute," he says. "If I could find another Raj Kanodia to do it."

Ashlee Simpson, 21, hasn't confirmed or denied having a nose job, but a source says she's a patient of Dr. Raj's.

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Dustin Diamond (of Saved by the Bell fame) launches a fund-raiser to save his home

Actor Dustin Diamond—best known as the nerdy Screech on the 1990s teen comedy Saved by the Bell—now hopes to be saved by 30,000 shirts. Diamond is hawking "Save My House" tees ($15; $20 with an autograph on to raise $250,000 and stave off foreclosure on his five-bedroom house in Port Washington, Wis. Diamond, who shares the pad with fiancée Jennifer Misner, even went on the Howard Stern Show to plead his case. Now a stand-up comic, Diamond, 29, insists he has been making his payments and now must raise enough money to buy the house outright. (Their housing development company claims he hasn't paid since January.) "We are not out there panhandling," Diamond tells Scoop. "One of my catchphrases is 'Trust the Dust.' You are only as good as your word. Honestly, I need the help."

Double double? Cavallari might pass for American Idol's Carrie Underwood or Kellie Pickler

Carrie Underwood «KRISTIN CAVALLARI» Kellie Pickler

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Farewell X-Men; R.I.P., Pepper Dennis. Romijn is moving on with two new summer movies

Sure, she starred in the biggest movie of the summer so far. But in her two new projects. X-Men: The Last Stand's Rebecca Romijn is more than just a pretty (blue) face. The 33-year-old actress—who's engaged to actor Jerry O'Connell, 32—just released two indie flicks at the CineVegas Film Festival: the drama Lies and Alibis, starring Selma Blair, and her pet project, the questionably titled Wet Dreams. (No, it's not an earnest afterschool special; it's a documentary about choreographing the fountains at Las Vegas's Bellagio Hotel and Casino.) The ex-Pepper Dennis chats to Scoop about failure, fountains and finding love:

What's with the waterworks?

People go to Vegas and they're mesmerized by the giant fountains. So we thought, how cool would it be to pick the music and choreograph a show ourselves. It was a cockamamie idea, [but] we loved it.

Does Jerry like the film?

He loves it! He's in it. When we were scouting for the documentary [in Vegas], that's when I first met him. We told him what we were doing and he was like, "You are making a documentary out of this? I want to be the boom operator!" He was totally game.

You actually took a dip in the fountains. Did he get to swim too?

Sadly, he did not. That would be a good place for us to get married! I wonder what I'll wear? I'll have to get waterproof mascara.

The final X-Men movie was huge. Was it worth putting on the body paint again?

[Playing blue mutant Mystique] is crazy-making. But I readjusted my attitude. I realized I was being paid to sit in that makeup chair for seven hours.

Why did Pepper Dennis fail?

We got lost in the shuffle [of the CW merger]. I'm sad that it's over, but all in all, I'm wrapping it up as the most perfect experience I ever had.

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