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"What a lovely family Angelina and Brad have made together with Maddox, Zahara and now beautiful Shiloh"
C. Beltran
Fairfield, Calif.

A hearty congratulations to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the birth of beautiful Shiloh. A thank-you is owed to the couple for choosing to share the pictures, which was done to support charity—an altruistic choice, seeing that the paparazzi would do anything to satisfy the public's curiosity. Hopefully all the critics will let the Jolie-Pitt clan celebrate in peace. After all, Angelina and Brad live the way we all hope to, with love and purpose. May they find happiness in each other and their family.
Karina Signio
Fairbanks, Alaska

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed the pictures of Brad, Angelina and their new baby. Shiloh is just as gorgeous as we all thought she would be. I realize they got the photos out so they could get on with their lives, but you have to admire the way they donated the money. It looks like Brad has finally found his soulmate. Their love seems so unpretentious, real and honest. I'm so happy for them.
Deborah Mallahan
Fort Defiance, Ariz.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is beautiful, as all babies are. What I really found touching and most beautiful was that the photos captured the emotion of parenthood. Here is a man and a woman taking on the challenges and joys of raising children—their adopted ones and their new biological gift. The joy, fear and even wonder of it all is in these photos. Family, well done.
Karen Wolfe
Phoenix, Ariz.

We are all happy for Angelina and Brad, but enough is enough. Let's face it, they are just another celebrity couple who have had a child out of wedlock. I wouldn't call them the greatest of role models.
Victoria Andreo
Tolland, Conn.

The media has treated the arrival of this baby as nothing short of the Second Coming. Shiloh, this sweet, innocent little soul, unfortunately comes into the world as the illegitimate offspring of, in my opinion, a cheating spouse and a blatant homewrecker, both of whom have the moral integrity of a garden slug.
Shelly Sharp
Yorba Linda, Calif.


My heart breaks for the families of Laura VanRyn and Whitney Cerak, the girls involved in the car crash. How this could have happened and carried on for five weeks is unreal. The Cerak family had to go through a burial to find out their daughter is very much alive, and the VanRyn family found out that their daughter had died after caring for and nursing Whitney. To have handled this loss, grief and shock with such grace, it seems that both of these families have a strong faith and an incredible amount of character and integrity. May God give them all peace. My heart and prayers go out to them.
Lana Baker
via e-mail


Why would Britney Spears need a male escort to do her grocery shopping when she has a husband who should be helping—especially since she is pregnant again? Kevin should watch out: Mr. Naval Academy might just be taking over the father role.
Name withheld
Manteca, Calif.


Many readers were moved by our story about Yvette Cade, the Maryland woman whose estranged husband doused her with gasoline and set her on fire three weeks after a judge refused to extend an order meant to protect her against the man. "I could not imagine the physical and emotional pain that sick man put you through," writes Teresa Gallegos of Bartlett, Tenn. "But always know that you are a beautiful woman inside and out, and you are a survivor." Other readers lashed out at the judge. "This incident was caused by two people, Yvette Cade's husband and the judge," writes Suzanne Prather of Kansas City, Mo. "The judge might not have lit the flames, but he certainly added fuel to the fire."

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