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Not one to stand still for long, Britney Spears dyes her hair and gets naked for a fashion magazine

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Britney Spears may not have been having much fun as a blonde lately. But it was still a shock when she recently debuted her new brunette dye-job in Manhattan. (Relax, Britney bashers: Spears's rep says the singer used vegetable dye, which is not harmful to pregnant women.) A source close to Spears tells Scoop that the singer chose the do for a photo shoot. (For a planned cover of Harper's Bazaar, she was shot Demi-nude—much like Demi Moore in her famous Vanity Fair shot.) The mag, says a source, was surprised by Brit's dark locks—they'd planned a Brigitte Bardot theme. Spears seems to be on an independent streak: She did her tearful June 15 Dateline interview without a stylist or publicist present (and had critics slamming everything from what she wore to her gum-chewing). Still, says a source close to Spears, "She went out there as herself, without an entourage."

Idol Crush: Found

Just two weeks after Taylor Hicks told PEOPLE about his very first crush, Scoop received a call from the object of his affection, Christy Lee Worsham. The proof is in the picture: In this 1984 snapshot, the smitten future Idol poses with Christy and a friend at a Huntsville, Ala., YMCA summer program. "I don't think I realized how big his crush was until I read about it," she says. Now 32, she hopes to catch up with Hicks. "I'm married," she tells Scoop. "But I'd love to reconnect. He was like a brother to me."

And Away They Go?
These Sopranos stars want raises but, at press time, HBO hadn't made offers they couldn't refuse. If their characters are eliminated, Scoop offers alternatives to getting whacked:

Drops 100 lbs. and becomes the new face of TrimSpa. Motto: "TrimSpa-Da-Bing!!"

Moves to L.A. with her fiancé. Ditches him after meeting Entourage's Vinnie Chase.

Shipped off to ABC for a two-hour sweeps-month special, Supernanny Superchallenge.

Opens a Hyundai dealership. Manic TV pitch: "Every car comes with white sidewalls!"

Replaces Meredith Vieira as the rational voice on The View and moonlights with a band.

Tapped by Oprah to star in her own show, Dr. Melf on Self, where she makes over hardened criminals.


What will little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt look like in the not-too-distant future? Just check out this exclusive picture of her then-blonde mom, Angelina Jolie, at age 2. (Those lips suggest a potentially powerful pout.)


It's a most requested song on radio stations coast to coast; it's a fixture in the iTunes Music Store Top 10; it's even getting good marks from music critics (an Associated Press music writer called it "the perfect jam for those searing summer nights"). Could Paris Hilton's reggae-pop confection "Stars Are Blind" really be the song of the season? "It's the perfect song for summer," Ryan Seacrest tells Scoop. "People were pleasantly surprised by it."


Love it or hate it, 8,037 people have lots to say about Paris's single.

great summer song [3 stars]
"nice to see something that Paris does to extend her career ... with the exception of A Night in Paris [her sex video]" ...

Stars may be blind, but I'm not deaf [star 1]
"it sounds like a sing-along for a toddler" ...

guilty pleasure [5 stars]
"While I cheered with the rest of the theater when [Paris] died in The House of Wax, I actually, kinda, sorta like this!" ...

whoa ... [1 star]
"i think i just lost sight in my right eye" ...

Paris Rocks!!! [4 stars]
"It's not Mariah, mind you, but it makes me smile" ...

Don't quit your day job [1 star]
"Paris should stick to what she does best—shopping" ...

Denise Moves On

Location, location, location! Denise Richards, 35, is selling the 7,400-sq.-ft., six-bedroom Westlake Village house she bought last year following her separation from Charlie Sheen, 40—which just happens to be a stone's throw from the home of her rival Heather Locklear. Richards (who is seeking part of Sheen's Screen Actors Guild pension, full custody of their daughters Sam, 2, and Lola, 1, and more than $100,000 a month in child support) has already bought a home in a more "kid-friendly" neighborhood near Los Angeles, says a source.

Summertime Blues

American Idol is over, but the finalists aren't idle. On July 5 they kick off a 51-city tour in Manchester, N.H. Scoop asked what they would miss most while on the road.

"Southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes."
Taylor Hicks

"Long days on the beach."
Katharine McPhee

"Nothing. Sorry! I [will bring] my Reese's cups, my Hershey bars. I have no willpower."
—Kellie Pickler

"All the white stuff—potatoes, bread and rice are goners for me."

—Elliott Yamin

"My wife's not going to be there, so no sex."
—Bucky Covington

Be it hereby known, if anybody, anywhere, has missed the message: The Simpson family loves their breasts. Jessica loves Ashlee's; Ashlee loves Ashlee's; dad Joe loves Jessica's—and presumably Ashlee's, although he's not on the record. Yet.

JESSICA ON ASHLEE: "Her body is so sick right now! She's like this little surf girl with the most perfect boobs and the skinniest legs."—to Maxim, July 2006

ASHLEE: "I love my boobs. Jessica grew up having a larger chest. Men love it ... but she needs to wear two sports bras to even play volleyball!"—to Marie Claire, July 2006

JOE ON JESSICA: "Jessica never tries to be sexy. She just is. She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up!"—to GQ, January 2005


Kelly Clarkson

American Idols seem to come and go, but the very first, Kelly Clarkson, has stayed. Nearly four years after winning the TV talentfest, she can boast one quintuple-platinum album (Breakaway), two Grammys and a special-edition Vitamin Water. With her "Addicted" tour set to kick off June 30, Clarkson, 24, chatted to Scoop about fame, getting in shape and finding time to date.

There were reports that you wouldn't let Idol contestants sing your songs.

Totally not true! Are you kidding? That's great publicity for me. It's like 40 million people. I'm not an idiot.

How have you adjusted to being famous?

Believe me, the first two years? Not good. A very rough two years for me. And I'm a pretty strong person. I think the key is surrounding yourself with good people. I need people around me who believe in me.

You broke up with musician Graham Colton five months ago. Have you been dating since?

He was so great, but we just never saw each other. I'm not looking [right now]. Relationships for anyone are hard, but when you're in the spotlight, it can be very intimidating [for a guy].

What qualities do you look for in a boyfriend?

I'm very big on faith. And anybody who can make me laugh. 'Cause life is hard. It's good to laugh about things.

You seem very health-conscious. Any secrets to eating right?

No matter how healthy you try to be [on the road], it just doesn't work, so I have a chef who helps balance out [my diet]. It's all about portion control. I'm a big chocolate fan, so I like Ding Dongs and cupcakes once in a while. If you deprive yourself, then you'll just go nuts and eat way too much.

What's your workout regimen?

Now that I'm getting ready for this tour, I really need to be in shape. You have to have endurance and be at your utmost health. So I run a lot, I drink water all the time, and I do kickboxing when I'm on the road.



PRICE: $8.5 million

PLACE: Bel Air, Calif.

Looking for a roomy house to fit your family and a TV crew? Check out the 12,000-sq.-ft. Tuscan estate built in 2004 where blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and his wife, Shanna Moakler, lived and shot their MTV reality show Meet the Barkers. It has eight bedrooms, a 10-car garage (where he kept his Caddies), an elevator and a projection room. Cameramen not included.

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